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Charlotte McKinney opens up about her wellness routine

Charlotte McKinney first made waves when she became a featured model in the commercials for Carl's Jr. She's also graced the pages of magazines including, Vanity Fair, Men's Health, and GQ. McKinney also has transitioned to acting, starring in Baywatch and Flatliners. She just shared a stunning new set of photos on Instagram. In them, she posed in a garden wearing a pastel bathing suit.

McKinney opened up about her wellness routine to The Skinny Confidential. She says that she makes sure to workout on a regular basis, even when she's traveling. "I love to travel, whether it being for work or pleasure, but am always practicing a healthy/active lifestyle by choosing healthy food options on the go and finding time to get my work outs in," McKinney explains. "I'm a total yoga fanatic & am always searching for a studio to get my yoga flow on."

McKinney revealed her go-to workouts to The Skinny Confidential. She says that she does a lot of different types of exercises. However, she focuses on exercises that tone her body. "For my weekly work out, I alternate between hot power yoga & Pilates," she says. "I love the way both these workouts give you long lean muscles, instead of bulking you up… A combination of the two are sure to do the trick! If I'm traveling and neither are an option, I like to take power walks on the beach and practice my postures there."

McKinney has had to deal with a lot of negativity throughout her career. She tells The Skinny Confidential that she doesn't let it get to her. "A model tip would be to ignore the negativity & take any criticism and turn it into positive energy. Try your best but don't beat yourself up if something really isn't practical for your own self. As long as you're feeling confident and don't take anything too seriously, you'll have a fun time with it."

McKinney tells The Skinny Confidential that one of her biggest beauty and wellness tips is getting enough sleep. "I would have to say that sleep is my ultimate beauty trick. When I am getting lots of sleep & keeping hydrated I don't have to worry about covering up dark circles or faking a bright eyed, healthy complexion. Lots of sleep and tons of water is key for looking and feeling healthy, I'm also a lot more productive after a good night's rest!"

McKinney makes sure to eat healthy. She revealed her approach to eating to HollywoodLife. "I say anyone can lose weight if you eat what's in season, local, fresh, and not in bags, you're good," she says. "All that other stuff, it's a trend. Trust me. I've fallen into all the juice cleanses and the things, but you end up just crashing so I've learned to eat what works for my body."

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Sheer When Wet Colombian Bikini

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Tate McRae shows off her fabulously fit figure

Tate McRae is looking pretty in (not) pink, in her swimsuit! The Canadian singer shows off her fabulously fit figure in a black and white bathing suit in one of her latest social media posts. "I hate pink," she captioned a series of Instagram photos, tagging photographer baeth. "You're so cool," commented one of her followers. "Jaw dropped," added another.

Tate maintains that the most pressure she feels is not from outside sources, but within. She uses it to fuel her fire. "I feel like most of the pressure that I feel usually comes from myself and wanting to do better as an artist myself," she told The Star. "Self-awareness—being in tune with your emotions—may sound fairly straightforward and simple. But people tend to overestimate their level of self-awareness," says Harvard Health. "Of course, we're all deeply emotional beings. Even if you think you're in touch with your emotions—perhaps you're someone who cries or laughs easily—you may not recognize the full spectrum of all your feelings without digging a little deeper."

Tate has been dancing since she was young. "If you don't already know, I love to dance. I've been dancing all my life. I can't wait for my live shows coming up so everyone can see that I'm not just a singer or just a dancer, I'm both," she told Refinery 29. "I started dancing around the age of 6. It began as a hobby that I was definitely not seriously interested in. I loved performing, but hated when I actually had to do what I was told," she added to Everly. "I only started getting serious when my mom took me to New York at age 8. I was extremely inspired and motivated! It gave me something to work toward and was the moment when I realized I wanted to dance for the rest of my life. From then on, I have been training nonstop and am always pushing myself to my greatest potential."

Tate has confessed that she started struggling with body image issues at a young age. "It's really difficult because I would see myself every single day since the age of seven in a high-cut leotard and tights. So you'd be staring at yourself in a mirror for eight hours a day, judging your body. Sometimes I feel delusional because I'm like, 'I have no idea what my body looks like,' she explained to Fashion. While at ballet school, "they would take measurements of every single part of my body at age nine," she added. "At the time, I didn't even realize how much that was messing with me mentally, but I was already thinking about my body image. No one should be thinking about their body in that kind of way at a young age," she continued.

Tate strives for self-love and acceptance. "Even though I'm starting to convince myself to love myself, there are a lot of things that dance has brought me that make navigating fashion so much harder. Because when you feel like you don't know what you look like, it can be hard to take risks," she added to Fashion. "As a public figure, it's hard because you're putting yourself out there for people to judge you. I'm growing up and my body's changing every single day. And while I'm just trying to accept my own body, so are millions of other people on the internet."

Tate dished to Fashion that she enjoys spending time in the kitchen. "I don't usually watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I'm obsessed with cooking shows. My favorite food [is] Brussels sprouts or dark chocolate," she said. She added to Refinery 29 that she has one go-to comfort food: Toast.

"I think the biggest issue right now is… everyone is so embarrassed and nervous to put things out because they think it's gonna be weird or they're worried about how other people are gonna think of them. I think that's the most lame thing ever because the internet is so toxic," Tate, who rose to fame by sharing videos of herself singing on the internet, told Seventeen. "If you love something and you're passionate about it, the coolest thing you can do is put yourself out there and let other people appreciate what you love. A lot of people write all these songs or create all this art and then they just get so scared to put it out because of how others are gonna react. Yeah, you're putting yourself out there for people to judge you, but that's what's gonna happen — you could also get the most incredible response too or make a career out of it. I think it's so sad that people are judgy about things being 'cringe' or things being embarrassing because nothing should be embarrassing if you really love it and it makes you happy."

Tate has a few ways she deals with stress. "I feel less pressure from the internet and from outside people. I just feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself mentally. And the only way to dodge that is to sometimes completely not think about anything music-related or anything. It's nice to just do normal things and realize that there's [life] outside of the industry," she told Paper. She also revealed that talking to her loved ones is another great stress reliever.

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Hailey Bieber is reliving her vacation to Jamaica

Hailey Bieber is reliving her vacation to Jamaica with some brand new swimsuit snaps. The supermodel wife of Justin Bieber heats up social media with one of her latest posts. In the photos she models two different swimsuits, showing off her insane figure in the process. "Lost files from Jamaica," she captioned the Instagram photos. "Queen," commented one of her followers. "Whyyy are u so perfect," added another

Hailey is all about clean eating. One thing she does is limit her gluten and sugar intake. "I try to be very strict about eating just for my skin and my body," she told She also tries to eat as plant-based as possible, but allows herself animal products."I tried a plant-based diet for two months during quarantine," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I felt great and I had a lot of energy, but it was not for me. I don't eat a strictly plant-based diet and I do still eat meat. I just don't eat a lot of it. I've picked up more fish, greens, and lentils." Overall she consumes "a lot of vegetables and fish, not much meat, minimal dairy," she told Byrdie. "I just feel better when I eat that way."

Before becoming a model, Hailey, who was an energized "very all-over-the-place child" found an outlet in ballet. She maintains that dancing not only helped keep her in shape, but trained her to work hard. "I've taken that same kind of regimented discipline into adulthood," she told Wall Street Journal.

Want to eat like Hailey? She revealed her daily menu to Elle. "On a regular day, breakfast is usually eggs or oatmeal, some type of healthy protein, or a smoothie," she said. "Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich. I don't really eat a lot of gluten so I'm trying to be particular. I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons. That's usually one thing I leave out." For dinner she will eat "some sort of vegetable, or pasta, like a gluten free pasta. Chicken, maybe." Sometimes she will have dessert. "I really like the Magnum bars, obviously that's a great one. [But I generally try to avoid] sugar. Sugar's a big one for everyone, I think."

Hailey mixes up her workouts. She does strength training at The Dogpound. Her workout includes exercises like sled pulls, pull-ups, kettlebell squats, plank pikes, landmine squats, and mountain climbers. Read all about it here. She also loves pilates. "I used to be a dancer, so I love Pilates because it really elongates and strengthens my muscles. That's probably my favorite workout," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I also recently started to box for some cardio," she added. "I found that remembering the combinations and learning how to move your body in boxing has been good for mental health."

Hailey also makes sure to hydrate. "I think drinking a lot of water helps. I try to drink, like, a couple bottles throughout the day. I don't know how many glasses that would amount to, but it's important," Hailey told Elle. "Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones. Water has no calories, so it can also help with managing body weight and reducing calorie intake when substituted for drinks with calories, such as sweet tea or regular soda," says the CDC.

Hailey opened up about her christian faith to WSJ. "I know that you don't find the things that fill the voids in your life or your heart through money or fame or this industry or cool parties or what rooms you're in with people," she says, "because I've been there and I've seen it and I'm also married to somebody who's seen it on even a bigger scale than I have."

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Colombian Bikini

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Tia Carrere is celebrating the new year and her birthday

Tia Carrere is celebrating the new year and her birthday in her bathing suit. The Wayne's World alum shows off her fabulously fit figure in a black swimsuit via one of her latest social media posts. "happynewyear #happybirthday to me ? Thank you thank you thank you @spychick_6 and #secretislandlair for an epic start to 2023 and the first day of the rest of my life!" she captioned the Instagram snap taken while vacationing in Eleuthera. "You look amazing! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Sis!" commented Kelly Hu. Many others, including Nicky Whelan, simply added lots of fire emojis.

Tia has explained that her approach to diet and fitness has evolved over the year. "Being 23 and doing Wayne's World in those short tight dresses and bikinis, I had to pay more attention to food and exercise. I was never unhealthy about it or obsessed, but just aware of what I wanted to look like on film. A 23-year-old metabolism certainly helped though!" she confessed to InBetween. When her role as Lady Danger in AJ and the Queen came along, she "was over the moon" that she "could be who I am right now at this time in my life," she added. "I'm more voluptuous in my look and the way I express myself. It was liberating being fully myself without feeling self-conscious at all. Meanwhile, my male co-star was on a strict diet and exercise plan for those abs he was showing all the time! Hilarious!"

What is Tia's message to her teenage daughter? "I am always trying to reinforce the thought that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that confidence is the most attractive part. Unfortunately, we live in a time of social media and hyper-focus on the image we project in the world. No matter what I say or how many times I say it, she will have to navigate this time in her own way. Adolescence is such a fraught time and now with media, it's almost too much pressure for these kids," she told InBetween.

Tia is embracing the aging process. "When I was first starting, I was just thankful. Being an attractive, young female certainly afforded you some luxuries. People will see you, they are drawn to you. But then as time goes on, as you transition from your 20s to 30s and then 40s and 50s, there are treacherous waters that you need to navigate," she said in an interview. "If you only value yourself for your physical beauty and youth, you're going to be lost. Because as time marches on, you can never be the girl that you were now that you're a woman years later. You have to create a life, and you have to find joy and fulfillment outside of that identity. That's why you do see these plastic surgery victims – they're eternally chasing 28. You have to leave that. You have to mature and grow and find fulfillment elsewhere."

In August, Carrere explained to Yahoo Life's "Unapologetically" that posting bikini photos on social media wasn't her thing. "I would love to get into amazing shape to show a bikini picture, but I prefer one-pieces anyway," she said. "I know what works for me and I know what works for my body and what makes me feel comfortable. I could become a triathlete and go, 'You know what? I can't believe I have a 12-pack for the first time in my life,' and maybe I would want to celebrate that with a bikini picture. But, as of yet, I haven't gotten to that point."

Tia told Yahoo that she is "comfortable" in her skin. "I've done incredibly well with maintaining a balanced mind, body and spirit for having been in this business for almost 40 years now. And unfortunately, we've all seen the carnage along the way. It's very, very difficult when you're the product not to take it personally when your stock goes up or down, when people take nasty potshots at you, as they can with easy access now with social media. You really, really have to work on your internal core strength so that the marketplace doesn't dictate whether you're happy with yourself," she said.

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Christine Quinn enjoys a five-star tropical getaway

Christine Quinn flaunted her incredible bikini body on Thursday when she was seen lounging on the beach in St Barts with her husband Christian Richard.

The Selling Sunset star, 34 – who danced under a beach shower earlier this week – soaked up the Caribbean sun at the five-star Eden Rock hotel, where an average room can range anywhere from $2K–$3K per night.

Christine basked in the shade of a cabana with her tech entrepreneur husband, 44, before the pair took a stroll on the pristine beach, spending some quality time together.

She finished off her look with aqua bikini bottoms for a clashing effect.

Oversized designer shades shielded her eyes from the sun and long manicured claws graced her fingers.

Christine's husband of three years donned canary swim trucks emblazoned with a school of vibrant tropical fish.

The pair took turns sipping from a red cup as they laid next to one another before walking along the beach.

The glamorous realtor tied the knot with Richard in an over-the-top winter wonderland-themed wedding in December of 2019.

The extravagant ceremony was filled with opulent snow-white touches, culminating in a 'wicked twist' as Christine walked down the aisle in a gothic black wedding dress.

Christine met her millionaire through a mutual friend and described him on Selling Sunset as 'big in the tech world.'

'He went to MIT,' trumpeted Christine on the hit reality show.

The retired software engineer reportedly sold his company Foodler to Grubhub in 2017 for $65 million.

Soon after meeting her man, the pair jetted off for a lavish trip around the world.

Speaking about her whirlwind romance in the first episode of season one, Christine said: 'We went all over, to Maldives, Bordeaux, I feel like I was traveling the world doing my eat, pray, love thing. But in like, five-star resorts, obviously.'

And not only did Christine snag her future husband, but she also sold him a house and got a commission.

'I want to be with a nerd,' Christine told Bustle. 'I don't want a hot guy.'

'He's the opposite of me in every way,' Christine explained. 'He doesn't care about dressing up or looking good. He doesn't care about any of that stuff. He only cares about his work and traveling. Which I care about as well.'

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Francine Lewis is ready for 2023

Francine Lewis is celebrating the end of the year and the start of 2023 in her swimsuit! The Britain's Got Talent star shared a montage of photos and videos from the past year, including some of herself showing off her body in a swimsuit. "Happy New year to you all ?Heres to a very healthy and happy 2023❤️ Here is some of my year in a reel starting from last new years eve!" she captioned the Instagram post. "Wow what a rollercoaster of a year its been. 2022 has been tough but its been a year of discovery. Discovering the strength i didnt know i had and to not take anything for granted. There may of been some lows but some amazing highs too, and a year of making precious memories❤️ Its taught me that im not always in control. Life is full of experiences, lessons, heartbreak and pain. But it has also shown me love, beauty, possibility, and new beginnings. Embrace it all.

It makes us who we are, and after every storm comes a clear sky. Always remember you are braver then you believe, stronger then you seem and smarter then you think! Life has many ways of testing a persons will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once.

What does not kill us makes us stronger! Never give up as problems are not stop signs they are guidelines. I want to say a special thank you for my amazing family and friends who are always there for me and everyone who continues to support me. Wishing you all a very healthy and happy new year ? our health is wealth," the 47-year-old captioned the Instagram post.

Francine is incredibly open about her plastic surgery regrets. "I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster I wish I'd never got on, and now can't get off," she told The Sun about her 2003 boob job. While it was suggested to swap them out earlier, she waited until 2020 when she experienced swelling in her left breast. "Getting breast implants is not a one-off operation. This is something you have to keep doing to maintain them and now I'm stuck in such a horrible situation."

Francine is all about self-care. "Happiness is when your in a swimming pool!! Had the most amazing few days away and loved using the spa. It's been a while so we all really enjoyed it," she captioned this post.

Francine is one of the many celebs who swear by drinking a cup of water with lemon in the morning. "I often take one to bed with me ready for the morning and then will also get a fresh hot water with lemon once I'm up," she wrote in a blog post detailing her morning routine.

Francine breaks a sweat in the morning. "Now, this doesn't mean that you have to enroll in 6am spinning classes or endure an intense bout of exercise in the gym first thing in the morning. It's all about figuring out what form of physical activity that you personally enjoy and that will help push you to get out of bed. This could be going for a walk, doing some yoga in your living room, dancing while you eat your breakfast… whatever floats your boat!" she wrote on her blog.

Francine doesn't skip her first meal of the deal. "They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you should also try and make it one of the most enjoyable. So many of us dismiss a proper morning meal as a waste of time, instead choosing to rush out of the house with an insubstantial cereal bar. However, indulging in a flavorsome breakfast can give your spirits an incredible lift," she wrote on her blog.

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Sheer When-Wet Colombian Bikini

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Alessandra Ambrosio Soaked Up the Sun During Her Tropical Vacation in Mexico

Alessandra Ambrosio went from the snow to the sun during her holiday break. Fans last saw the 41-year-old supermodel enjoying a snow-bunny moment by the ski slopes, and now, she’s warmly sun-kissed while on her tropical vacation in Mexico.

Ambrosio was able to shed a few articles of clothing in her beachside location by sporting a tiny white bikini that showed off her toned abs. She took a dip in the crystal-blue ocean while soaking up every ray of sunshine during her mini photoshoot.

Ambrosio looked relaxed and peaceful as she captioned her carousel of snapshots, “Vitamin sea.”

The Brazilian beauty knows how to work her angles as a supermodel, but she has a few Instagram-ready tips for her fans who also want to rock the internet in 2023. Her first suggestion is a good one: “Keeping good posture,” she told Hamptons magazine. Her second tip is about finding the right silhouette for your body shape. “Truly, it’s about getting a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in,” she added. “There are so many different swimsuits now available for people.”

Ambrosio is so well-versed in swimsuits from her years in the fashion industry that she started her own swim line, GAL Floripa, with her sister and another friend — and for her, the designs are all about comfort. “For me, I love going to the beach and playing volleyball.

And I have my kids always with me—so I want something practical, something that doesn’t fall off or show anything,” she shared. “Find something that you feel comfortable in, that you can move around in.” It looks like Ambrosio took her swimsuit tips to heart because she’s rocking that tiny bikini and looking fabulous in 2023.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

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Charly Jordan flaunts her famous figure

Charly Jordan rang in the new year in Dubai – in her swimsuit! The model flaunts her famous figure wearing a bathing suit under a sheer, shimmering dress to bid adieu to 2022 while partying with pals in one of her latest social media posts. "2023 sparkly," she captioned the Instagram post.

Charly loves burning calories via water sports, including free diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling. However, she confesses she doesn't like the way the snorkel feels in her mouth. "I'll hold my breath and swim down," she said during an interview with Women's Health.

Charly maintains a healthy diet. She revealed to Women's Health that she likes to shop at Whole Foods, where she can pick up pre-prepared healthy meals, and also Trader Joes for healthy snacks. "I'm really tryna look like these chicken tenders by the end of this trip," she captioned this post of her vacation meal, which consisted of lots of fresh fruit and chicken. One thing you won't find her snacking on? Nuts, as she is allergic.

Charly loves striking a pose, but not just with modeling. "Yoga, forever," she revealed during her interview with Women's Health. "Bringing this challenge to Instagram ? If you don't already, follow me on tik tok," she captioned a recent post.

Charly takes care of her mind as well. "Being mentally healthy is of the utmost importance," Charly told Forbes. "Such a big part of my job is being emotional and influential to other people. You must make sure you're taking care of yourself before you start to influence or take care of other people. I believe that taking care of myself first has allowed me to help so many people, which is what I'm passionate about down to my core. When I speak to individuals and when I go about my work life, I am a very emotional person, and I'm proud to say that. Being emotionally intelligent isn't bad."

Charly loves boxing, which boasts health benefits, "because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture," physical therapist Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's hospital tells Harvard Health."You're swinging your arms, moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders, increasing your upper-body strength. And when you're in the boxer crouch with a wide stance, with your knees slightly bent, you're strengthening your core muscles, back, and legs."

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Lori Harvey is enjoying time in the sun

Model and beauty maven Lori Harvey is enjoying time in the sun. She just shared a new set of gorgeous photos on her Instagram story. In them, Harvey lounged on a boat in the sun. She wore a patterned bathing suit, with her amazing figure on display. Harvey captioned the story, "Oh hey."

Harvey opened up about her wellness routine to Nylon. She says that she likes to drink celery juice and vitamin C. "Every day when I wake up on an empty stomach, the first thing I'll do is drink celery juice and I'll chase it with a vitamin C shot. I get them from a spot in L.A. called Kreation. I love them. I think that really jump starts my digestive system and it's good for my skin as well."

Harvey has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She revealed her secrets to Nylon. Harvey says that she likes to combine different practices. "I invested in a good facial steamer. I like to use it when I wear a face mask. I'll do four or five different face masks in one night. I'll sit by the steamer, if I'm doing like a clay mask, and let it seep into my pores and pull out any impurities."

Harvey tells Nylon that she likes to go to a sauna to help with her wellbeing. "I'll typically go to a Pilates class, and then I like to sit in the sauna. The sauna is also really, really good for your skin and it's very therapeutic, and then I shower. I typically try to get in the sauna after I work out every day for at least 30 minutes. It helps me relax. I like to gather my thoughts in the sauna."

Harvey tells Nylon that she doesn't always like to wear makeup, and has been embracing her natural look. "I don't put on makeup every day," she says. "I kind of prefer not to unless I'm going out somewhere. I have been embracing not putting on any makeup and just taking care of my skin. It's been so good! It's an overall confidence boost for me, when my skin looks good and it's clear."

In an interview on Teyana Taylor's Bumble series, Luv2SeeIt, Harvey opened up about how she approaches her life. She says that she doesn't do what others think she should do. "You can't live your life based on what other people are going to think, how other people feel," she says. "Because at the end of the day it's your life — so what's going to make you happy?"

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Calypso Goddess

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Ming Lee Simmons shows off your amazing figure

Ming Lee Simmons is heating up social media with her latest swimsuit snap. The model daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons shows off her amazing figure in a bathing suit via one of her social media posts, eliciting a major response from her followers. "Wow!" commented Khloé Kardashian, while Olivia Pierson added "So beautiful."

Simmons loves going on walks outdoors with her friends. "lil mama and I went on an adventure," she captioned this post. Whether you walk, hike, or go to the gym, make sure to get your body moving. Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Simmons also loves drinking a healthy, hot beverage in the morning. "Sippin' tea," she captioned this post of her breakfast. Why should you try drinking a cup of tea every day? Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Ming understands the importance of hydration, via water and fruit. Here she is in Mexico sipping on a coconut. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine men should drink about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day and women about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids.

Ming makes sure to stay active outdoors. A few of her favorite outdoor calorie blasting activities include jet skiing and snowboarding. "This would have been fun if I didn't almost break my arm off," she captioned this photo of herself on the slopes. Both workouts are great for strengthening the core.

Ming revealed the "secret" to self-confidence during an interview with Galore magazine. "There is no secret. Accept yourself, love yourself, push yourself, and visualize great things for yourself, That's a good start and the rest comes in time," she said.

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Beach Comber Bikini

The Beach Comber is a classic tie bikini for adjusted fit everywhere and a must have in Ebony. The ebony is chick and classic at the same time!  The top is a non sliding triangle and the bottoms swoop your hips from side to side.  You will absolutely love this all tie for the perfect fit bikini!  Made For You...


Amanda Holden, 51, flaunts ageless physique in bikini

Amanda Holden looked incredibly youthful as she bid farewell on social media in a bright red bikini.

Holden, 51, shared her final holiday snap with her 1.8 million Instagram followers today. The Britain’s Got Talent judge has been enjoying a luxurious vacation with her husband Chris Hughes.

The star looked sensational as she showed off her ageless figure in a bright red bikini.

The former musical theatre actress, who could be seen paddling on a secluded beach, kept her blonde hair swept back off her face and accessorised with a pair of dark sunglasses.

“Goodbye sunshine,” she captioned the snap with a red love heart emoji.

“Back on @thisisheart tomorrow morning from 6:30am,” the presenter confirmed to her Heart Radio fans.

The Heart Radio presenter has been enjoying a relaxing beach holiday in early 2023.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge posed in what looked to be a photo taken at her hotel, wear she wore green and pink floral trousers and a matching top.

The former musical theatre performer shared pictures of bright blue seas and stunning white sands with her Instagram followers.

The presenter cosied up to daughters Alexa and Hollie as they celebrated 2023 in style.

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Teeny G String Bikini

Super sexy, super tiny!  This teeny g-string bikini in Red Matte is as small as we could get it.  The perfect bikini for sunbathing.  Small triangle top paired with this g-string bottom will be sure to show off your curves and get the looks you were hoping for. Teeny G String Bikini is part of the Outine Collection. Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....


Monet Mazur Says "Do More of What Makes You Happy"

Monet Mazur is an actress, who currently stars in the hit CW series, All American. She's also starred in films like The House Bunny, Dead Man Running, and Monster-in-Law. Mazur posts a lot of gorgeous photos on Instagram, and recently shared a new set of photos for the new year. In them, Mazur enjoyed a day at the beach. She wore a black and white patterned halter bikini, her figure on display. She captioned the post, "Sacred. Pause. Do more of what makes you happy in 2023."

Mazur opened up about her wellness routine to She says that she has a busy schedule between her work and her family, but she always makes time for herself. "Balancing time, I've found, is one of the biggest challenges of being a mother," she says. "Making time for everyone as a family collectively and individually, as well as yourself, is so important!"

Mazur has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She revealed her favorite products to "Sunscreen is the most important of all," Mazur says. "I use it every day, rain or shine, and avoid the sun at all costs (sadly). If it's a grey day I like Clinique City Block in SPF45, but if it's sunny I use the100 block. Neutrogena is the only brand that makes it that high! And moisturizing."

Mazur revealed some of her favorite exercises to "Pilates– a high resistance reformer method. It has been the one and only thing that my body responds to like nothing else that has kept me in shape since I've had both my boys. I'm fanatic about it, I go 3-5 times a week. In London I found a fantastic studio, Pilates HQ in Islington, and I've been training with Hollie Grant there. She is no joke. In L.A. I've gone to Pilates Plus in West Hollywood for years, they are the O.G. spot."

Mazur tells that she also likes to do yoga. "I also got deeply into Kundalini yoga which I've practiced for almost 12 years, but I went almost everyday while I was pregnant and had a very transformational experience practicing it so intensely with my teacher whom I love and adore – Tej at Nine Treasures Yoga."

One thing Mazur does to stay in shape is going swimming. She spends a lot of time in the water and posts a lot of photos from the beach on Instagram. Mazur posted this set of photos of herself wading in the water. She captioned it, "Ski szn." Mazur also shared a photo of herself floating on her back in a pool. She captioned that post, "Summer 4 realz."

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Braided Bikini

From exotic jungles to the pools of a chique resort, out of the wilderness comes the Braided Bikini in Midnight Leopard and black matte you will be the center of attention. The braided Bikini top is supportive with a braid under the bust in a sliding triangle and tying at the neck. The bottoms are skimpy and alluring in fashionable style. Be proud of your curves and look amazing...


Gabrielle Union Poses Under a Maui Waterfall

Gabrielle Union is ringing in the New Year from a tropical locale.

The Bring It On star has shared gorgeous pics of her family's Maui holiday vacation over the past week, and her latest post is a sweet reflection on how far she's come. In a clip soundtracked by SZA's SOS, the star wears a green two-piece swimsuit and orange hiking shoes while bathing under a cave waterfall and referencing the iconic song by TLC.

'If I stuck to the rivers and lakes that I’m used to, I wouldn’t have made it this far ✨,' she captioned the clip.

The Being Mary Jane actress has spent the past few months promoting her latest two films, the Disney animated picture Strange World and director Elegance Bratton's debut film The Inspection. Union has received critical acclaim for her role in the indie drama.

In a recent interview with, the Flawless by Gabrielle Union founder called the past year 'a year of discovery and hopefully a rebirth.'

'I used to just take whatever project like me back,' she said of her decision process while choosing roles. 'I'd get a script and I'm like, "Well, do they want me? Okay, awesome." I was literally the choose me girl. Whatever was choosing me, I chose them back.'

'So now... I need some chuckles and some lightheartedness,' she added. 'I just want the projects to match where I'm at and the excavation that I'm currently in, to be an extension of that. If I cannot be of service to the character or the project, it's just not for me. I'm not check-chasing at this stage of the game. I only wanna do projects that move me in some way.'

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Mai Tai Bikini

The Mai Tai Bikini in Pineapple Matte is out of this world, the best! It ties everywere for the perfect fit for all body types. The top scoops the cleavage with spaghetti ties at neck and offers support with a band under bust tying at back. Ultimate comfort in a string bikini top! The bottom ties at high cut leg on the hip and scoops lower...


Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Envious Curves As She Enjoys Her New Year in Cabo

Selena Gomez kicked off the new year in the most lush and relaxing of ways, embarking on a beachy trip alongside several of her friends, including Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham.

She delighted fans by sharing a rare series of social media posts capturing the amazing time she had on her yacht vacation, complete with shenanigans on the beach and dips in the water.

While her followers were enamored by the entire set, it was a rare photo of her in a swimsuit that really left them all stunned.

The singer posted a picture of herself climbing aboard the yacht in a bikini, consisting of a white bandeau top paired with a high-waisted black bottom.

TRENDING NOW: GMA3' T.J. Holmes' attraction to Amy Robach was sizzling a YEAR ago - according to body language expert

She looked absolutely beautiful, especially when coupled with the crystal clear water and gorgeous view of the coast behind her.

"Omg [your] happiness makes me happy," one fan commented, with another gushing: "YOU ARE GLOWING IN EVERY PICTURE."

A third even added: "The last picture?" with a sweating emoji, while a fourth wrote: "She is so real, love her for that."

Selena and Nicola clearly had a ball on their getaway, and it was clear that the close friends were willing to take it a step further, even ringing in the new year in matching sparkly outfits.

In a series of photos shared with her 367m followers, Selena gushed over the custom Valentino looks that both she and Nicola had rocked on the night of the party.

"Thank @maisonvalentino for me and my angel's dresses! Felt like a fairy!" the actress captioned her post. Never one to forget her glam squad, the Only Murders in the Building star also thanked her trusty tan artist, "Oh and @isabelalysa for making us look good!"

The pair dazzled in long-sleeved silver mini dresses encrusted with glinting sequins which featured sultry backless designs, both custom-made by Italian luxury brand Valentino.

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Easee Fit Twist Bikini

Easee Fit Collection Take to the beach or catching a few rays at the pool, this Easee Fit bikini is perfect in white Matte. The strapless Twist bandeau style top has optional neck support. This top will hug and accentuate your bust with the twist front, removable padding, side boning for support, and hooks in the back for adjusted fit (Tie back top available upon request). ...


Alex Scott sizzles during tropical getaway

Alex Scott seriously turned up the heat in a bold snakeskin print bikini during her sun-drenched getaway.

Sharing snapshots from her blissful holiday, Alex, 38, resembled a glowing goddess as she emerged from a luxurious swimming pool.

The former Lioness teamed her statement swimwear with a fashion-forward black bucket hat, a dainty silver necklace and a pair of black sunglasses.

Alex wore her gorgeous natural curls down loose around her shoulders and completed her beachy ensemble with a sleek black manicure.

Treating her loyal fans to a sneak peek inside her lavish vacation, the TV star moreover included several photos of herself unwinding in style.

One stunning picture captured Alex soaking up a breathtaking sunset, whilst a second photo showed the sports pundit enjoying a game of cards with a zesty cocktail to hand.

Captioning her snapshots, the presenter penned: "Smiles, sunsets and good company".

Fans went berserk in the comments section, with one writing: "Looking gorgeous Alex, have fun," whilst a second remarked: "Ok Alex so you've made us envious. Enjoy! If anyone deserves it, you do."

"Living the best life," chimed a third, and a fourth added: "Such a great smile, happy new year."

Hopping on to her Instagram Stories, Alex went on to share a handful of candid updates featuring her friend, Yasmin. The duo appeared in high spirits as they relaxed on an idyllic-looking beach, armed with fresh sorbet.

In a separate clip, Alex filmed herself as she paused to read a book. The presenter looked radiant in a bright tangerine bikini which she paired with a charcoal grey baseball cap.

Alex's sun-soaked getaway comes after the One Show star partnered up with Pandora for an exciting new project.

Joining this Autumn/Winter period, Alex and Katie Piper are set to work alongside Pandora to promote new and existing collections, attend events, and share their stories, styling tips and tricks. We can't wait to see what the collaboration has in store!

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Golden Leopard Thong

The classic triangle top and the Barcelona thong bottom make a great pair! Add it in the Golden Leopard fabric and it never goes out of fashion. Our triangle top slides under bust and ties at the back for adjusted fit. Triangles tie at the neck so you get the perfect fit all over. The bottoms are classic thong style with all...


Bianca Wallace turns heads as she bid farewell to 2022

Bianca Wallace bid farewell to 2022 with a sizzling Instagram post on Friday, flaunting her jaw-dropping figure in a racy black bikini.

The actress, 30, wowed in the cut-out two-piece in the images, telling her followers she would be 'the energy she is taking in 2023.'

In the images, Bianca stood thigh-deep into the water as she tipped her head back to play with her long wet brunette tresses which cascaded down her back.

Biance accessorised with a simple gold chain necklace and two coordinated bracelets as she soaked up the sun on the lavish getaway.

She penned to the post: 'Just trying to find this light again… and that muscle tone!! I'm trying, it's coming.

'This is the energy that I am taking into 2023 with me. Shall we say thanks and good riddance to 2022? *This is from June… Not now*'.

It comes after it was revealed that Ioan is pleading poverty in his bitter divorce with Alice Evans and begging a court to enforce the sale of their $2 million marital home - before it's repossessed.

Gruffudd claims his actress ex Alice, 54, has been living at the LA pad for free since they split in January 2021 while he shells out $6,570 a month in mortgage payments, insurance and property tax.

He wants a judge to list the three-bed, La Jolla property for sale before it goes into foreclosure because neither he nor Evans have the funds to cover missed mortgage payments totalling $15,271, a $4,616 power bill and $11,793 in unpaid tax.

'Alice and I cannot afford to keep it, yet Alice will not agree to sell it,' Gruffudd protests in a new court filing obtained exclusively by

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Wrapsody Monokini

UjENA Wrapsody Monokini The Wrapsody will wrap around your body and follow your every curve! The twisted monokini design in black Cire wraps around the neck, across the bust, to the back crisscrossing and wraping around you creating a high cut leg for the coolest monokini on the planet!  The suit will creat a slimming at your waist, while emphasizing your bust. Cross front and...


Elsa Pataky recently spent some time with her family on a beach in Fiji

Elsa Pataky spent the holidays in Tavarua, a beach resort in Fiji, accompanied by her husband and children.

Pataky shared two posts of her stay in Fiji, showing her followers what her and her family have been up to. The photos show her enjoying the island and spending time with her husband and children, with one photo showing her and Hemsworth playfully dancing on the beach. Another photo shows her in a black bikini, looking fit and stunning. ”Bye Bye Tavarua!! Best surf ever!” she captioned the post.

A previous post shows Pataky and Hemsworth kissing by a palm tree, with Hemsworth wearing a Santa Claus hat and Pataky wearing pink bikini. Photos also show them hanging out with a man dressed as Santa Claus and with their children having fun. “Merry Christmas to all from our favorite island!!”

The Pataky-Hemsworths were joined by Luke Hemsworth, his wife Samantha, and their children. This vacation marks the first instance where Chris Hemsworth takes a break with his family following the announcement he made where he shared he would be taking a break from acting.

“It’s not like I’ve been handed my resignation,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair. Still, he said the news “really triggered something in me to want to take some time off.”

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Vogue Bikini

The Vogue Bikini in Ebony Matte is a Keyhole top paired with our moderate side slider bottoms for an exclusive UjENA Bikini. The keyhole adjusts in the center of the top and strings slide along the side of the bust for a true fit. Designed with thicker bands under the bust and tying at the back for support. The full coverage bottoms slide up and...


Diane Guerrero in Bathing Suit is at the "Casita"

Diane Guerrero has been in a lot of different projects, her star rising each time. Most recently, she starred in the smash hit Disney movie, Encanto. She also has starred in Doom Patrol, Jane The Virgin, and Orange Is The New Black. Guerrero just shared a new set of photos on Instagram. In them, she lounged on a beach towel on a hill, wearing a black strapless bathing suit top and orange bottoms. She captioned the post, "Casita."

Guerrero has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She revealed some of her favorite ways to do so in an interview with Hola. Guerrero likes to use organic products for different things, like face masks. "There is one for a mask that I use when I am breaking out," she says. "Yogurt, honey, and oatmeal."

Guerrero tells Hola that she loves to make tea to help her wellbeing. "I also make a cinnamon & honey tea and drink that 4 times a day for a week," she says. "Then take a week off, and do it again for a week. That is for skin & reproductive health."

Guerrero tells Cosmopolitan that she has a lot of persistence. "The key is not to give up if you really want it. Whether it's a career in the arts or being a lawyer, whatever it is, you just can't quit. I think many times where people fail is they start something and when they see how hard it is, they switch to something else. If you do something, you gotta go all in."

Guerrero tells Well + Good that she wants to speak up on important topics. However, she also makes sure that she is informed before she does so. "When something is going on in the world, I do my best to educate myself on it," she explains. "Instead of going off the handle and just speaking out of turn or when I don't know that experience."

Guerrero is all about mental health. She tells Well + Good that this has helped her take better care of herself. "Certainly now that my mental health is better, the treatment toward my body has been a lot better. That's the one thing that I've noticed that has been so good and so amazing. I'm not saying, 'Hey, self care is just taking a bath or a shower….' Generally, I kind of just stay clean. And I try to remember everything that I have, like stuff that makes me feel better."

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Sheer When-Wet Colombian Bikini

Sheer When-Wet Colombian Bikini This stylish suit is fun, fresh and sheer! The top and bottoms are a perfect pair that can be worn by anyone. Slightly sheer when dry, fully sheer when wet! This scrunch back bikini will shape your backside perfectly! Be a bit daring at the beach in this all white swimsuit. Made For You in...


Joey King Says "It's 4 Degrees Where I Am"

Joey King just shared a new photo on Instagram for her friend, Taylor Zakhar Perez's birthday. In it, the two posed on the beach. King wore a green swirled bathing suit, her figure on display. She captioned the post, "Allegedly you were born today, but I just wanted to post this picture anyway. Update: to everyone thinking we are here rn… It's 4 degrees Fahrenheit where I'm at."

King works with trainer, Jason Walsh, to help her stay in shape. He opened up about what it is like to work with the actress to Shape Magazine. Walsh says that King has a good approach to exercise. "I think a lot of it had to do with attitude," he says. "And eagerness to listen and want to get better, stronger."

King talked about her wellness to Byrdie. She says that working out is how she relieves stress. "This sounds odd, but I didn't know that I was the type of person that needs exercise to not feel wound up. If I'm feeling pent up and I don't know why, if I just move my body, then all of a sudden I'm so much more relaxed."

King tells Byrdie that she doesn't like to compare herself to others. Instead, she focuses on herself and what she needs to do. "I think not being able to make fun of yourself comes from comparing yourself to other people too much. It's hard not to. I'm human. I do it, too. Whether you're in the public eye or not, there's so much we have to let go."

A lot of people like to make personal goals. King is not one of them. She explained her reasoning to Byrdie. "You'll never be happy. Either you'll reach that goal and then just be thinking about the next one, or you won't reach that goal, and then you'll be miserable forever."

One type of workout King likes to do is weight training. She shared this video on Instagram of herself at the gym. In it, King is seen doing deadlifts with a large barbell. She captioned the video, "Personal record 140 lbs." Weight training, also known as resistance training, can provide a number of benefits for both men and women, including:

Increased muscle strength and size: Weight training can help you build muscle mass and strength. This can be particularly beneficial for older adults, as muscle mass naturally decreases with age.

Improved bone density: Weight training can help increase bone density, which can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

Enhanced athletic performance: Weight training can help improve athletic performance by increasing strength, power, and speed.

Improved insulin sensitivity: Resistance training has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Strappy Bikini

It's all the rage!!! Feel the high fashion in summer style in UjENA's Strappy Bikini in neon lemon.  The supportive triangle top has 3 decorative straps by the neck and ties for a perfect fit. The bottom fits like a simple bikini bottom but is super strappy and oh so sexy! This bikini will have heads turning as it shapes your curves and makes you look...


Sofia Vergara Is really looking good

Sofia Vergara is looking better than ever. She shared a glimpse of her holiday plans, including a photo of herself in a black bikini that wowed her friends and followers.

Vergara is spending the holidays with her family, with all of them enjoying their time on the beach. One of the photos that have been more liked by her followers shows her looking stunning in a black bikini. She captioned it in Spanish, writing, “Beach, wind and sea,” while tacking on some fish and heart emojis. The post also features a photo of her husband Joe Manganiello, as he waves to the camera and a video of the breeze blowing through the palm trees. “Sofia!!!! I would love to look like you for a day. Or joe. But mostly you. Love you both!” wrote Justin Mikita. “You look insane,” wrote Lorraine Schwartz, adding some fire emojis.

Over the past couple of weeks, Vergara has shared plenty of photos of her holiday celebrations, which also include her husband’s birthday, which is celebrated on December 28th. Vergara shared a photo of him on the beach, captioning it, “Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. It’s going to be an amazing 2023 for you.” Manganiello is celebrating his 46th birthday.

Photos of his birthday celebration show him smiling at the camera alongside their family, blowing the candles off his birthday cake, and carrying his beloved chihuahua, Bubbles. The photos were taken at Casa Chipi Chipi, an undisclosed location where Vergara and Manganiello jet off to enjoy their holidays and some of their birthdays. The place is believed to be located somewhere along the Caribbean.

“Thank you to everyone who reached out, posted, called, & texted today. I love you all,” wrote Manganiello on Instagram. “Here’s to a successful year ahead full of great health, exciting changes, loyal friends, enlightening conversation, huge laughs, great hangouts, & meaningful projects. Thanks for always being there for me. And thanks to Sofia as usual for the cake.”

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Parisian Tonga Bikini

Parisian Tonga Bikini The Parisian Tonga Bikini will have you feeling like you are on the Coast, in the South of France. So Pretty and so Eroupean chic in Black Matte color, ooh la la. The top is made with blind rubber edges, a removable band between the bust, adjustable over the shoulder strapes, and hooks at the back. The Vee bottoms...

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