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58-years-old Jodi Harrison-Bauer wants to become the oldest woman to appear in Sports Illustrated

The 58-years-old Connecticut gym owner and mother of two adult daughters now wants her place among modeling elite by becoming the oldest woman to appear in Sports Illustrated’s storied swimsuit issue.

“Whether I’m chosen or not, I’m doing this as another way to share who I am and encourage others along the way that it’s not too late to try something new,” Harrison-Bauer told the newspaper. “I’m 58, and I’ve never felt so confident in myself.”

A determined Harrison-Bauer who runs Jodifit, a boutique fitness studio in Branford took that self-assured approach earlier this week to Miami, where she’ll attend a casting call at the W South Beach hotel Friday in hopes of outshining dozens of other models, many of whom will be decades younger than herself.

“I saw there were no specific age categories,” she told the newspaper. “That was my loophole to go for it.”

The two-time World Fitness America and World Fitness Universe champion credits 10 hours a week of resistance training, weightlifting and cardio for her toned figure as she approaches her 60s. Taking a page from her workout philosophy, Harrison-Bauer wants women to “break out of the box society loves to put us in,” she said.

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova turned heads in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue when she appeared inside at age 54 the oldest to date. Tyra Banks the first African American to grace the special edition’s cover in 1996 became its oldest cover girl at age 45 in May.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini in black has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much! Basic triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit! Great for the sun lounger or walking the beach with that special...


Why am I being bullied for posting photos of myself in bathing suits wonders Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried called out an Instagram influencer for blocking her and a friend, and it turns out she was referring to Arielle Noa Charnas, who recently posted a bikini photo celebrating her body after having two kids that some found "tone deaf."

On Tuesday, Seyfried posted a screenshot of a comment that her friend, who she chose to keep anonymous, left under an unidentified influencer's photo.

Though Seyfried did not specifically name her friend or the influencer, writer Sophie Flack identified herself as the commenter in an Instagram story, which was captured in screenshots shared by the Daily Mail. Her comment under Charnas' photo matches the one Seyfried posted, and she posted a screenshot to show that Charnas had blocked her.

"If you don't acknowledge how your wealth made your workouts-body possible, you're just perpetuating the patriarchal notion that mothers should 'bounce back' after childbirth," Seyfried's friend wrote, according to the screenshotted comment. "Why not use your platform to encourage more women to be ambitious business women, or say, run for office, or maybe, sheesh I don't know, do something to help the kids literally dying in cages?"

Seyfried wrote in the caption of her post that the 'semi-influencer' had blocked both her and her friend.

She went on to say that "there are gray areas everywhere," and asked the "semi-influencer" to think twice about what she posts on Instagram.

Charnas seemed to take notice of Seyfried's message.

"Why am I being bullied for posting myself in a bathing suit?" Charnas wrote. "I should be punished because I'm working hard to be fit after giving birth to two kids? I'm not responsible for making people feel good about themselves."

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Sheer When-Wet Tan 1-PC

Sheer When-Wet Tan 1-PC The perfect all nude, sheer 1-PC! You will feel oh so daring in this suit. Simple but sexy, this one piece is great for the more care free woman. Slightly sheer when dry, fully sheer when wet. You will look totally amazing in the super sexy 1-PC. Scooped neckline Wide Straps Cross Back Fully...


Ramona Singer share her diet and fitness secrets that keep her looking ageless

Stopping by the Us Weekly studios recently, the longest-running full-time Real Housewife who has never left the series dished to Us’ Brody Brown on the diet and fitness secrets that keep her looking ageless.

The Real Housewives of New York City star, 62, revealed that first and foremost, she works out hard. “I’m doing a lot of combinations. So I’m doing Exhale, which is all about Core Fusion,” she said of the gym and wellness spa’s signature class. “I do free weights. I do core training, I do tennis and I run intermittently. I run for a mile on a treadmill. So it’s working.”

The reality star has taken to posting bikini photos of herself looking incredibly fit on Instagram.

But as other Housewives stars know, abs are made in the kitchen and the Bravo personality shared a diet tip that has Us feeling alternately jealous and amazed. “I’m not drinking so much wine anymore,” she noted of the caloric alcoholic beverage. “I’m drinking vodka.”

Lest you worry she gave up vino, she clarified. “I love my wine. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink the wine but I start off with the vodka,” she shared. She’ll make an exception for good wine, though. “Unless I was going to order a really good bottle of wine, I’m not going to get that wine by the glass for 15, 20 bucks,” she said. “Unless you get the good bottle of wine, I’m not wasting my calories on that.”

And I don’t eat dessert,” she added.

Singer has a few other gems up her sleeve when it comes to skincare. “I always use sunblock,” she said, “drink lots of water and I get, like, 10 hours of sleep a night.”

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Bahia Bikini

Bahia Black Bikini The ultimate cheeky bikini! Just imagine yourself on the beach in this all high fashionable bikini of the season! A must have for vacation any place, any time! The top is fully adjustable at the bust with self ties at the neck. Great for small to full busted girls. The bottoms are heart shaped with a ruched seam...


Here are some tricks for boosting your bathing suit confidence without losing any weight

When the weather begins to warm up, plenty of women dread what inevitably comes next: An onslaught of advertisements and social media posts imploring them to get their "bikini bodies" ready for summer.

Rather than motivational, these messages can be discouraging at best. In fact, a 2012 study from Flinders University in Australia found that women reported more feelings of anxiety and depression when they had to picture themselves wearing a swimsuit. They didn't feel the same way when they imagined themselves wearing jeans.

Although unrealistic societal expectations about bodies play a role in these negative emotions, individuals can boost their confidence without changing their bodies at all.

1- Wear what makes you feel good. Tt doesn't matter if it's completely covered up, a cute sundress or a thong bikini," Body Positive Fitness Alliance-affiliated coach Kimberly Weiss told US News & World Report. "If you feel good, you will look good."

2- Listen and dance along to an upbeat tune. Music has the power to make us cry or transport us back to a specific memory in time. It also has the power to make you feel confidence you may otherwise have not.

3- Sign up for your favorite exercise class. A single sweat session isn't going to transform your body, but it does have the power to make you feel great about all the things your body can physically do, like run, lift weight, or hold a pose like down dog.

4- Think about all the things you'd miss out on without your trusty bikini in tow. Model and influencer Iskra Lawrence seems to have taken this lesson to heart. She told "Who What Wear" that her decision to rock a bikini came from "not letting my body hold me back from enjoying myself and living life to its fullestModel and influencer Iskra Lawrence seems to have taken this lesson to heart. She told "Who What Wear" that her decision to rock a bikini came from "not letting my body hold me back from enjoying myself and living life to its fullest especially at the beach which is one of my favorite places to have fun and relax." which is one of my favorite places to have fun and relax."

5- Surround yourself with supportive loved ones. "Go to the pool or beach with people you like not people who make you feel bad about your body," Weiss told US News & World Report.

6- Treat yourself before stepping out. Little acts like these are considered self-care and are ways of saying "I love you" to yourself.

7- Say "screw it," and go live your life. When that happens, the best thing you can do is acknowledge your insecurities, remind yourself they don't define you, say "screw it," and put the bathing suit on anyway.

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Hot Pink Thong Bikini

Show off your beautiful curves in this skimpy Triangle Top and Thong Bottom. The combination of the hot pink color and thong bottom will be sure to give you the attention you are looking for while on the beach! Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....


Olivia Culpo has been on a roll promoting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Olivia Culpo, headed to Miami, Florida for a photoshoot on July 14, when the model looked unbelievably sexy in a revealing swimsuit.

The former Miss Universe strutted down the beach wearing a stunning black one-piece bathing suit which featured an insanely plunging V-neckline that ended all the way at her belly button.

We have been loving Olivia’s outfits lately and she’s been on a roll promoting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Olivia just recently headed to the SI Swimsuitopen casting call in Miami Beach on July 12.

The one-piece hugged her petite frame perfectly, while the pants of the jumpsuit were cropped to her knees.

The swimsuit showed off massive amounts of cleavage, while the bottoms were hi-cut on the sides and the front of the suit, showing off Olivia’s bare, toned and tanned legs.

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Plunging 1-Pc

You will look and feel so sexy in our In the Mood 1-PC. Deep front plunge is great for full or small bust lines. High hip lengthens and tones. Scooped back adds a sexy edge to put you in the mood for fun! Halter style Ties at neck Deep front plunge Higher cut legs Full rear coverage Fully lined ...


Three Beach-Body Secrets for a Smooth Bikini Line

A smooth, itchless bikini line that looks all but Photoshopped is actually easier to get than you think. No matter the texture of your hair, removing it whether you wax, thread, or even laser doesn’t have to lead to bumps, redness, itchiness, or ingrowns.

1- SOOTHE YOUR SKIN Beyond soothing irritated skin, it helps prevent shaving bumps, as well as soften regrowth. Smooth it on immediately after waxing or shaving or before bed so it can work go to work while you sleep. It’s just as brilliant for underarms, legs, happy trails, even the face it’s truly life-changing if hair removal ever bothers your skin at all.

2- MOISTURIZE SKIN AND HAIR Moisturizing skin, whether it’s your face, body, or bikini line, leaves it plump, healthy, and less prone to irritation. Conditioning the bikini area with a hydrating oil can make a huge difference in terms of eliminating bumps and ingrowns. Smooth it onto your pubic hair and skin a few times a week. Because the oil has a softening effect, it makes waxing a lot less painful just use it the night before.

3- EXFOLIATE REGULARLY Regularly exfoliating your face ensures it’s healthy and glowy and keeps your pores clear and unclogged. The same principle applies to the bikini area. Using a gentle scrub to sweep away dead skin cells lessens the chance of ingrowns.

Pro tip: If you’re shaving, a sharp blade makes a world of difference. The friction of going over the area multiple times inevitably leads to irritation, as does the pressure you need to exert when you use a dull blade. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth can also help minimize ingrowns.

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 Kylie Jenner called Sofia Richie’s body as “Perfection”

The model shared a set of beach bikini photos on Instagram Sunday while in Turks and Caicos with Kylie Jenner for a girls’ trip, showing off her body in a hot pink string bikini.

Richie, along with the rest of Kylie’s close friends jetted off to the tropical destination to celebrate the summer body care-focused. The group arrived in a pink and white private jet, wearing matching pink swimsuits.

Upon arrival, they were greeted with drinks in coconut shells. The group proceeded to enjoy their vacation, sharing photos and videos of their summer getaway.

In recent weeks, Richie, who has been dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Disick for about a year and a half, has been spotted spending more time with members of the Kardashian family.

She joined the Kardashians and Jenners for Khloé’s birthday celebration last month, and partied alongside Kylie and Kendall Jenner while celebrating their mutual pal Tiffany Sorya’s birthday.

Ahead of their Turks and Caicos trip, Kylie posted a series of photos of the group getting onto the jet, two of which showed Richie running and jumping for joy.

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Teeny G String Bikini

UjENA Outline Collection Super sexy, super tiny!  This teeny g-string bikini in Peach Matte is as small as we could get it.  The perfect bikini for sunbathing.  The small Teeny Triangle Top paired with the g-string bottom will be sure to show off your curves and get the looks you were hoping for. Teeny G String is part of the Outline Collection. ...


Explore these women-only beaches and enjoy the sun, sand and beauty

Yes, you read that right. Here are three beaches meant only for women. At these beaches, women can be themselves and enjoy the sun, sand, and some solitude without being bothered by any outside attention!

Sarisu Beach, Turkey

In the resort city of Antalya, Turkey, there is a beautiful beach called the Sarisu Beach, which is famous for being a women-only beach and it is free of cost! Situated in proximity to the Konyaaltı neighbourhood of Antalya, this beach is absolutely gorgeous and has all the ingredients to make women happy including great restaurants, gorgeous tea gardens, and a marketplace as well.

Bellevue Beach Club, Lebanon

Bellevue Beach on the Mediterranean Sea is about 200 m long and the best part about this one is that it is the first beach resort for women in Lebanon. Besides sand and crystal clear water, the beach is renowned for its cafeteria, a number of swimming pools and gorgeous sunset views. The beach resort is absolutely perfect for women wanting to relax.

Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai

Among so many beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Park is the only one dedicated to women. This only-women beach in Dubai is absolutely stunning and remains reserved for women on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the two days, the beach has only women staff to make sure women are comfortable and face no problem. From clean toilets and volleyball courts to dressing rooms, the place is just perfect for ladies in search of some ‘me’ time!

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Michelle Bridges got one of the best figures around, being a fitness buff

former Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges, 48, showed off her toned physique as she went for a dip in the idyllic Croatia.

The mother-of-one stripped off into a bikini as she dived into the ocean, taking to Instagram to share a clip of herself cooling off in the sea.

Michelle is holidaying with her partner, Steve 'Commando' Willis, 43, and their son, Axel, three.

Even while on holiday, Michelle is making sure that she squeezes in a workout.

She took to Instagram on Friday to share a video of herself working out on a treadmill and doing circuit training.

Flaunting her figure in a crop top and shorts, Michelle said she had completed a 'Croatian cracker.'

Her circuits included burpees, thrusters, and step ups.

Saying she doesn't have time for excuses, Michelle said: 'Biggest excuse not to train? I don't have time!!! What do you have loads of on holidays??? Time!'

She added: 'If you are fortunate enough to be on hols (sic) sometime soon, get busy.'

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Barcelona Thong Bikini

The Barcelona Bikini in Black Matte is simple and never goes out of fashion. Our Barcelona top is a halter style with a low cut v neckline. Sleek and adjustable at neck with our exclusive self slider and adjustable hook at back. The bottoms are classic thong style with all the right curves of this pattern to hug your body perfectly. Whether...


Leg injuries didn’t stop Djaniel Carter from walking the runway

Djaniel Carter, from Arizona, suffered the injuries after years as a professional dancer, and has been battling a condition that makes it difficult for her to walk and stand. But that didn’t stop her from taking centre stage and she was wheeled down the runway by the publication’s editor, MJ Day.

Judging by the pictures, she loved every second of it. Djaniel danced with her arms above her head, her legs slung over the side of the wheelchair beaming every second. At the end of the runway she briefly stood to strike a quick pose for photographers before returning to her chair.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shared the incredible moment in a clip on Instagram and fans have been commenting with messages of praise and support.

‘After several years as a professional dancer, Djaniel sustained traumatic injuries to both of her legs and has been battling an underlying medical condition that has yet to be diagnosed,’read the caption.

Despite the fact that she has a weakened ability to walk and stand, she has not let that stop her from pursing her dreams.

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IRD Bubbles Sheer Tonga

UjENA Sheer Collection This bikini is skimpy, sheer, and oh so bubbly with little dots of iridescent color shimmers on white mesh. Daring alluring style, just like a glass of champagne. Sliding triangle top ties in back and around your neck for a perfect fit. Tonga back bottom is alluring and will show off your curves. The perfect Sexy Bikini! This...


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