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Kriti Sanon is a "Sunshine Girl"

Kriti Sanon is basking in the sunlight in her swimsuit! The Indian actress shows off her incredible figure in one of her latest social media posts, lounging in a swimsuit with the sunlight shining on her. "Sunshine girl," she captioned the Instagram photo. "You are the sun," one of her 52.2 million followers commented. "It's your glow," added another.

Diet and exercise are not the only components of health, says Kriti. "Being fit is being healthy and happy—it's all correlated. Being fit means having a good immune system, a good balance in your body, and good stamina and strength," she told Vogue India.

Kriti prioritizes exercise. Some of her go-to workouts include HIIT, pilates, and yoga. "Depending on where I'm staying, I try to find a gym nearby. I mainly go for weight training with exercises I can do on my own," she added in another interview. "When there is no gym available, like when I was shooting for Heropanti in Patiala, I used to go for running and used a yoga mat in my room to do mat exercises."

You can also find Kriti dancing up a storm. "I also love dancing and add it to my workouts 2-3 times a week. Dancing is a great form of workout because you use your whole body, it's not monotonous at all. I've learnt kathak as a child but I'm not so much into classical dancing. I like mixing forms—sometimes jazz, sometimes Bollywood and contemporary," she revealed in a 2018 interview. Dancing is a great workout for many reasons. Not only does it build strength and promote flexibility, but helps you lose weight and even promotes cardiovascular function. A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine determined that people who engaged in moderate-intensity dancing were 46 percent less likely to develop heart disease or die from it than non-dancers. In comparison, moderate-intensity walkers were just 25 percent less likely to suffer heart health issues.

Kriti avoids large meals and instead eats smaller, more regular meals. "It's important to watch what you eat, when you eat, and the gap between your meals. Have smaller portions every two hours," she shared in an interview. "I sometimes like having dates too, it gives you instant energy," she added.

Mental health is important, per Kriti. "Take care of your body and it will take care of you," she shared on World Health Day on Instagram, along with a photo of herself meditating. "Get out of your lazy beds and do some exercise- walk around, yoga, mat workout, dance (my fav), cardio, anything.. just wake up every inch of your body, and you'll have a great day."

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Parisian Tonga Bikini

Parisian Tonga Bikini The Parisian Tonga Bikini will have you feeling like you are on the Coast, in the South of France. So Pretty and so Eroupean Chic in Sky Blue Matte color, oh la la. The top is made with blind rubber edges, a removable band between the bust, adjustable over the shoulder strapes, and hooks at the back. The...


Jana Kramer is showing off her toned body while on vacation in Anguilla

Jana Kramer is having the time of her life on vacation.

In a series of pictures posted to her Instagram, Kramer showed off her fit physique as she posed on a boat while on vacation in Anguilla. The singer has been posting about her getaway over the weekend, showing herself having a blast on the beach and at her resort's pool.

"A boat and watching the sunset….my favorite way to come back to me," Kramer captioned her latest post, in which she can be seen wearing a blue and pink print bikini and sunglasses. In a separate snap, she highlighted the beautiful view of the sunset.

The comments section on the post were full of encouraging messages, with one follower calling her "the most beautiful woman in the world," and another telling her she "just broke the internet with that swimsuit pic."

Many of the commenters wrote how nice it was to finally see her so happy, after Kramer continuously spoke out about her marriage to Mike Caussin, and the rough end to their relationship.

The two got married in 2015 and announced their separation a year later, after Caussin was unfaithful. They were separated for over a year, getting back together after the ex football player got treated for sex addiction, however after many attempts to repair their relationship, Kramer filed for divorce in April 2021, and it was finalized in July of that year.

During an October 2022 episode of the Facebook Watch show "Red Table Talk" with Jada Pinkett Smith, Kramer opened up about the moment she found out Caussin had cheated on her with more than 13 women, continuing to cheat even after the two had co-authored a book about the importance of forgiveness in relationships.

Kramer claimed that Caussin blamed the podcast the two hosted together as being a "catalyst" for him cheating, saying he felt "pressure to be perfect" due to the "spotlight" the podcast put on him.

"So then I felt like it was my fault because if only we didn’t have that podcast he wouldn’t have cheated," she said.

The country singer told the co-hosts that Caussin had first cheated on her a month into their relationship but that she kept trying to forgive him because every time he would promise to do better.

The former couple share two children together, a daughter, Jolie, 6, and a son, Jace, 3. Regarding their current co-parenting relationship, Kramer explained, "As long as we don’t talk about our relationship, we’re great."

She added with a laugh, "How rude is it though that they make divorced people co-parent. It’s, you know what I mean? We got divorced for a reason."

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Panama Bikini

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Laura Whitmore flaunts her amazing figure

Laura Whitmore is a TV personality, best known for her appearances on Love Island, This Morning, and Celebrity Juice. She was also a VJ on MTV. Whitmore just shared a new set of photos on her Instagram story. In one, she posed in a red bathing suit, her amazing figure on display.

Whitmore talked about her wellness routine to Women's Health. She opened up about her diet and approach to alcohol. "I believe in balance – rather than cutting things out. Although, a positive side effect of falling pregnant was that I had the opportunity to reset my relationship with alcohol.

I definitely drank a lot during the first lockdown – I thought it would last only three weeks, and it was a novelty being home so much. But having a glass of rose wine in the evening to distinguish night from day is a habit you can only maintain for so long. You really can't drink every day of the week. Then, during the other lockdowns, because I was expecting, I cut out alcohol entirely. Now having a pint at the pub feels like an exciting treat."

Whitmore says that one of her secrets to exercising is making sure to schedule sessions ahead of time. "I've come to the conclusion that exercise has to fit around my life, or I won't regularly be able to incorporate it into my busy schedule," she tells Women's Health. "That means rather than go to the gym for an hour to workout by myself, I'll do yoga and dance classes with friends."

Whitmore tells Women's Health that she is working on spending less time on her phone. "My relationship with my phone has been tricky at times, and it's been a source of stress and anxiety. The 'ding, ding, ding' is quite triggering, so I've taken steps to create space. I've turned off all notifications so that I only look at messages or social media when I purposely want to, and sometimes I'll turn my phone off and put it away so I'm not tempted to reach for it. It's helping me to be more present – I no longer mindlessly scroll, and when I'm watching a film I now don't miss half the plot while looking up an actor on IMDb."

Whitmore opened up about her favorite skincare products to Women's Health. "Skincare has become a ritual for me, and I'm taking it more seriously as I age. I'm a fan of products by the brand Alumier MD. And I'll look out for creams containing SPF, as I'm so fair. I also take my make-up off properly, with a cleanse, tone and moisturise, rather than face-planting the bed after a night out."

Whitmore tells Cosmopolitan that she is focusing on herself. "The one thing I've learned is don't give advice, because everyone's journey is completely different," she says. "And don't compare – whether you go back to the size you were beforehand, whether you don't, whether you're smaller or bigger, it doesn't matter, because again, everyone's journey is different."

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Colombian Bikini

The Colombian Bikini is an all time classic bikini in white matte four way stretch fabric. Our Colombian top is slightly taller than the traditional triangle offering a little more coverage for the bust. Strings tie at neck and back for that custom fit. Our Colombian scrunch bottoms hug and shape your rear perfectly. In quality UjENA is known for, you will...


Kady McDermott shows off her gorgeous and toned figure

Kady McDermott first made waves as a contestant on Love Island. She's since become a successful influencer and fitness maven. McDermott has a huge following on Instagram, and shares a lot of gorgeous photos on her page. She recently took a lake vacation, and recently shared some highlights. In two of the photos, McDermott posed in a brown one-piece swimsuit with black stripes. She captioned it, "Lake District dump.

McDermott revealed some of her favorite workouts in an interview with The Daily Star. "I mainly focus on my lower body," she says. "So things that work the glutes, legs, and abs. I like lunges and squats – they really work your bum muscles. Doing them with weights make it a bit harder and you really feel the difference in your bottom. I do a lot of walking, too."

McDermott doesn't always feel the need to go to the gym or use a machine to workout. She tells The Daily Star that she opts to do bodyweight exercises most of the time. "I don't do much cardio training, and I tend to avoid the machines in the gym. I prefer to do body weight exercises, with the odd free weight thrown in for good measure, so that I really build muscle and tone-up."

McDermott opened up about her diet to The Daily Star. "I just try to eat well and I'm lucky that I really love healthy food. I tend to eat lots of protein and vegetables while trying to avoid carbs and sugar. That usually means I end up scoffing lots of chicken, eggs, smoked salmon, steak and cottage cheese. I make my own pizzas that are full of protein, too, and I love pancakes with blueberries and raspberries."

McDermott has an amazing stomach. She revealed her secrets to The Daily Star. "Getting rid of your belly fat is pretty much down to changing your diet and quitting sugar in particular. Sugar is basically just useless calories, and if you consume too much it's stored as fat directly on your stomach."

McDermott has amazing skin and hair. She shared her tips for taking care of both in an interview with Women Fitness. "I'm obsessed with skin care," she says. "I always make sure my skin is cleaned and moisturised. Hair care routine is my redken shampoo and conditioner, and the redken all in one treatment spray. The night before, I will always put coconut oil in my hair and wash it out in the morning. It keeps it so soft and shiny!"

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Metro Bikini

The Metro Bikini in Ebony Matte is very contemporary and for the sophisticate.  You can wear the top with uptown shorts and a simple topper in the city and hit the beach all in the same afternoon! The top is contoured with darts from under the bust with protective and removable padding in the built in pockets over a wide...


Anastasia Karanikolaou showcases her toned and tanned curves on vacation in Turks and Caicos

Anastasia Karanikolaou showcased her firm abs and toned legs as she enjoyed the beach in Turks and Caicos Sunday.

The 26-year-old model looked smolderingly hot in a very tiny bright pink bikini with a halter top and thong bottom as she luxuriated in the warm Caribbean breeze.

Stassie, as her friends call her, tagged the Heavy Manners clothing brand in the photo.

Both she and best friend, Kylie Jenner, 25, have promoted the brand, which includes high end, but size inclusive pieces.

The influencer combed her wet hair away from her tanned face and displayed her firm derriere in a photo as she walked away from the camera and into the turquoise water.

She accessorized with earrings and a pendant necklace with a gold chain.

The social media maven summed up her feelings with a brief 'this sh*t feels like paradise,' next to a series of five photos.

Anastasia posed in some sexy poses on the sand and in the water for the carousel of snaps.

Musician Olivia O'Brien, who appears to be on the sumptuous girls trip with Stassie, seconded the thought, commenting 'Paradise' next to the post.

Bling Empire cast member Tina Leung shared approval, writing 'SO PERFECT.'

The fashionista shared some envy inducing video on Instagram stories Saturday sharing a few highlights from the holiday so far, which included boating and swimming with a dolphin.

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Hot Pink Thong Bikini

Show off your beautiful curves in this Colombian Triangle Top and Low Cut Thong Bottom. The combination of the hot pink color and thong bottom, your skin, will for sure get kissed by the sun! Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....


Gigi Hadid is soaking up the sun in throwback snaps from her tropical getaway

Gigi Hadid sported a stylish bikini as she enjoyed a tropical getaway to celebrate the New Year alongside her daughter, Khai, in a strew of throwback snaps she shared on Instagram on Friday.

The 27-year-old supermodel, who was recently seen filming a Maybelline ad in the heart of Manhattan, spent time on the sandy shore with her two-year-old mini-me, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend and former One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

The Guest In Residence founder penned a short caption along with the photos, and typed out, 'celebrated the new year w a lil r&r.'

One snap that the supermodel shared into the photo series showed herself standing on a sandy shore as the blue waves crashed around her.

Khai's arm could be seen in the picture as she joined her mother to cool down in the water, but her face was kept out of the frame. Gigi has shared adorable snaps of her daughter on social media, but has chosen to not show her face for privacy.

The star donned a fuchsia pink bikini top and matching drawstring bottoms for her day under the bright sun. She also added a pair of colorful patterned shorts for an extra layer.

Her blonde locks were slicked back into a simple bun to prevent any loose strands from falling onto her face. She accessorized her beach day ensemble by adding an assortment of gold necklaces for a stylish touch.

In another picture, Gigi could be seen kneeling down on the sand next to 'Mama [heart] Khai, that she had written in the sand.

The last snap that she shared to her 76.7 million followers was a black and white photo that was taken from behind her as she propped Khai onto her shoulders while they strolled on the crowded beach.

The model welcomed her daughter to the world in September 2020, whom she shares with singer, Zayn Malik.

The two had dated on and off from 2015 until they officially split in 2021 following an alleged physical altercation between the singer and Gigi's mother, Yolanda.

She had claimed Zayn had 'struck' her, but he told TMZ at the time, 'I adamantly deny striking Yolanda Hadid and for the sake of my daughter I decline to give any further details.'

However, the performer later plead no contest to four harassment charges against Yolanda, and was sentenced to 360 days probation, along with needing to attend both an anger management class and a domestic violence program, the tabloid had reported.

Despite their split in 2021, a source recently told Us Weekly last year in October that, 'Gigi has her walls up since she’s on better terms with Zayn and they’re doing well coparenting.'

The insider also expressed that the supermodel, who was reportedly recently linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, is, 'not rushing into a serious relationship,' and, 'is very busy with her modeling gigs and being there for her daughter.'

During an interview on Sunday Today, the blonde beauty gushed about her daughter, stating, 'I think she's a genius. But I think that's what everyone says about their kid.'

She added, 'It’s so much fun. The more that she talks and understands and remembers, it just gets more and more fun. And she’s a blessing.'

The entrepreneur has also taken a different step in the fashion industry, and recently launched her own brand called, Guest In Residence, last year in September 2022.

The clothing is made of both knit and cashmere fabrics, and Gigi told Forbes at the time of the launch that, 'Cashmere is transformative. But there's a seriousness that can surround cashmere and luxury.'

She excitedly continued, 'Everyone can find something in this collection that's a good investment for their wardrobe. I want to encourage people to be more mindful consumers and find things to wear in 100 different ways.'

The star opened a store in Aspen last month in December, and stars flocked to the shop to celebrate the grand opening, including her proud younger sister, Bella Hadid.

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Banded Scoop Bikini

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Mia Regan is enjoying summer in Australia flaunting her incredible figure

Mia Regan is enjoying summer in Australia in her swimsuit! The model girlfriend of nepo baby Romeo Beckham flaunts her incredible figure in one of her latest social media posts. "Giggles in aus," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps and videos. Her famous boyfriend commented on the post with a heart emoji, while his mother, Victoria, was one of the 22,000-plus to click the like button.

Mia is one of the many famous faces who swear by starting their day with citrus spiked water, claiming it helps with her irritable bowel syndrome. "IBS gang drink," she captioned one of her Instagram Stories. "Drink ur hot water and lemon." Hydration throughout the day is also one of her tactics.

Mia makes fitness a priority. She especially likes exercising at home, sharing a series of clips of her routine. Her simple but effective workout includes planks, squats and squat jumps with exercise bands, lunges, and various types of crunches.

While she isn't totally vegan or vegetarian, Mia focuses on eating as plant based as possible. "I'm reducing my meat consumption to be more environmentally friendly," she wrote in an Instagram Q & A. "I dedicate certain weeks/weekdays to being meat free."

Mia is incredibly active outdoors. When she isn't working or working out, you can find her breaking a sweat in the fresh air. In the winter she enjoys skiing. "Snow," she captioned this photo of herself on the slopes, showing off her moves. She also loves swimming, hiking, and taking walks.

Mia also does a lot of. "Just in case you didn't see it on the story …" she captioned a Instagram post of herself showing off her poses. Harvard Health explains the many reasons why yoga is a great workout. "Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood," they said. "People who were overweight actually lost weight. Overall, those who practiced yoga had lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared with those who did not practice yoga. Researchers attributed this to mindfulness. Mindful eating can lead to a more positive relationship with food and eating."

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Hot Pink Thong Bikini

Show off your beautiful curves in this Colombian Triangle Top and Low Cut Thong Bottom. The combination of the hot pink color and thong bottom, your skin, will for sure get kissed by the sun! Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....


Hollie Shearer is Ready for Warmer Weather

Hollie Shearer is heating up social media this winter with a red, hot photo of herself in a swimsuit. The footballer's daughter and singer-songwriter shows off her beautiful body in one of her latest posts, wearing a red bathing suit and jacket while in a car "Ready for warm weather," she captioned the Instagram snap. "Well you just warmed me up," one of her followers commented."Gorgeous," added another.

Hollie is very open about her mental health and the fact that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. "If I ever do have them, I know what to do. I know to be like, I actually had a little one the other day and I was like proud of myself, because my whole body didn't freeze," she said on Reflections podcast. "It was just one hand. I felt it coming. And I was like, 'oh, oh no, I'm gonna have a panic attack.' And I was in the car with someone, and I really didn't wanna freeze cause I'd be so embarrassed. So I was like doing my breathing. I managed to calm my breathing and do all of that."

Hollie exercises for her body and her mind. She revealed on the podcast that working out helps with her mental health. "I know if I'm having a low day or feeling anxious or anything, what would help me is going to the gym. Cause I love working out."

Holly understands the importance of pampering herself. In a 2022 Instagram photo she eats Ben and Jerry's ice cream while lounging in bed with a face and under eye mask. "Self-care," she captioned the snap.

Hollie loves a cup of piping hot coffee. "Hot coffee season," she captioned one of many photos of herself drinking coffee. Science continues to prove that drinking coffee is great for your health. In fact, a new 2022 study published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that drinking two to three cups a day of most types of coffee – especially a mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee – may protect you from cardiovascular disease and an early death.

Holly consumes a lot of fruit, packed with vitamins and hydration powers. She posted a photo of herself enjoying strawberries. She also posted a set of photos from the Maldives of herself playing in the ocean, drinking a coconut. Shearer captioned the post, "Paradise Island."

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Easee Fit Twist Bikini

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Arianna Atjar has wowed her followers with her recent snaps

The ex-soap star Arianna Atjar modeled a gorgeous tiny black string bikini as she soaked up the bubbles during a birthday treat to Oxfordshire’s Soho Farmhouse.

In the striking snaps uploaded to her Instagram grid, Arianna, 27, looked radiant as ever as she posed in the pool while giving a smouldering look to the camera.

In another, the soap beauty looked over the moon as she gave a beaming smile while taking a little dip into the war.

In a third upload, the former Corrie star was gifted an abundance of roses as she included a close-up snap of her sweet birthday gift to her photo dump.

The actress – who played Olivia Radfield in the soap between 2018 and 2019 – opted for minimal make-up and accessorised the dressed-down look with simple earrings and a sparkly belly button piercing.

Her simple caption to her 400,000 loyal followers read: “Softest birthday yet….”

The actress’s loyal legion of followers instantly flooded her with heart-warming birthday wishes, with many relaying that she looked “gorgeous."

“WOW, you look absolutely unreal. Happy Birthday, princess,” said one fan as another penned: “You’re just so gorgeous.”

A third chimed in with: “Wifey material,” and a fourth commented: “Rocking world's tiniest bikini aren't we.”

Arianna first made her way onto the ITV cobbles in 2018 as a model for a photo shoot with Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) at the underwear factory.

However, in nail-biting scenes, it didn’t take long until Rosie’s ex-boyfriend Antoine revealed she’d been used as a drugs mule after she opened up her suitcase and found cocaine.

During her Corrie stint, Arianna couldn’t resist sharing her thrilling soap news ahead of her entrance and shared a picture of herself to Instagram.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini in black has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much! Basic triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit! Great for the sun lounger or walking the beach with that special...


Shefali Jariwala is spending time at the beach

Shefali Jariwala is spending time at the beach. And she made sure to get some gorgeous photos while she was there. Jariwala posted some highlights on Instagram. In them, she sat on the sand in a pink one-shoulder bikini top and red bottom. She captioned the post, "Feeling sandy."

Jariwala makes sure to work out on a regular basis. She also likes to work out when she is at home. Jariwala posts a lot of workout videos on her Instagram, where she reveals some of her favorite at-home workouts. She shared this video of herself doing a plank and plank dips, captioning it, "Good vibes." Jariwala also shared photos of herself in her home gym.

One workout Jariwala enjoys doing is yoga. She shared a set of photos of herself doing different poses on Instagram. In them, Jariwala is in a tree pose, a lotus, and on all fours with her leg arched in the air. She captioned the post, "Gym helped me transform my body, but yoga has changed my life!"

Jariwala loves to swim as a way of staying in shape. She shares a lot of photos on Instagram of herself in the water. She posted photos of herself swimming in the ocean in the Maldives. She captioned it, "Sandy toes…Sun kissed nose." Jariwala also posted this set of pool photos, captioning them, "Beat the heat!"

Jariwala loves to dance as a way of staying in shape. She shares a lot of dance videos on her Instagram. She posted a video of herself rehearsing in the studio with her friend. She captioned it, "Guess the song?! Rehearsal time with my favorite!" Jariwala also shared this rehearsal footage of herself running a group dance with others.

Jariwala doesn't skip leg day. One type of workout that she likes to do are squats. Jariwala also likes to add kettlebell swings when she does squats. She shared a gym video of herself doing them on Instagram. Jariwala captioned it, "Great to get back to #gymlife after so long!"

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Parisian Tonga Bikini

Parisian Tonga Bikini The Parisian Tonga Bikini will have you feeling like you are on the Coast, in the South of France. So Pretty and so Eroupean chic in Black Matte color, ooh la la. The top is made with blind rubber edges, a removable band between the bust, adjustable over the shoulder strapes, and hooks at the back. The Vee bottoms...


Maura Higgins flaunts her enviable figure as she enjoys a sun-soaked trip to Mexico

She recently jetted off for a sun-soaked trip to Mexico.

And Maura Higgins looked sensational on Thursday as she slipped into a tiny bikini as she snapped a selfie from her hotel room.

The Love Island star, 32, flaunted her incredibly figure in the skimpy two-piece as she posed while sunlight poured in through the window.

The barely-there swimwear left little to the imagination, highlighting her incredibly taut midriff and toned legs.

Her sensational Instagram snap comes just hours after the Irish stunner left fans swooning with yet another bikini shot as she soaked up the sun on the beach.

A miniscule bikini top put her at risk of a wardrobe malfunction but highlighted her tanned and toned physique.

A pair of matching briefs adorned with gold beads sat high on her hips and accentuated her tiny waist.

Maura completed the look with a cowboy hat as she posed coquettishly on the sand.

She captioned the stunning snaps: 'Good morning Mexico'.

Meanwhile, Maura an unexpected brush with a famous face as she caught an early morning flight to the country on Wednesday.

The former Love Island star took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she had bumped into Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan in the airport.

She shared a smiling selfie of them both and cheekily wrote alongside the snap, 'wearing grey for Mr Grey', referring to his role as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy.

In the picture, Irish TV personality Maura cut a sporty figure in a short-sleeved grey T-shirt and showed off her natural good looks as she went make-up free.

She swept her brunette tresses back into a ponytail with strands falling loosely around her face and flashed a huge grin as she posed with Jamie.

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UjENA Classic G String

UjENA Classic G-String Bikini Be Red Hot in this g-string bikini. Feel powerful and sexy. The classic G String bottom is an original design by UjENA. We pair it with the original sliding triangle top.  You can be seductive, bold and very alluring in UjENA's Ruby Matte color. The top ties at the neck and back with the triangles at bust sliding and gather to...


Iggy Azalea shows off her incredible curves

Iggy Azalea is staging her comeback in her swimsuit. The Australian rapper, who is set to release her fourth album and just joined OnlyFans, shows off her incredible curves in one of her latest social media posts. "I heard you were lookin for me…" she captioned the Instagram snap, wearing a tiny bathing suit.

If you want a six pack a la Iggy, you are going to have to eat clean for it. During an Instagram Q&A, she revealed that clean eating trumps crunches for flat abs. "For me, diet is what does the trick," she said. " When I eat pretty basic, clean. Whole fruits (foods), meat and vegetables, that's when my abs start to show more."

Iggy claims that twerking during rehearsals for her "Mo Bounce" video helped her lose a ton of weight. "It's a lot-I went on a meal plan before the video because I knew I would have to be dancing fairly skimpily dressed," she revealed during an interview with Nova 96.9. "I did a lot of rehearsals actually, and man I lost 15 pounds in a week dancing to that song!"

In 2018, a source revealed to Hollywood Life that Iggy maintains a healthy diet with zero sweets or processed foods – most of the time. "Iggy has been very committed to fitness and healthy eating, but she still has cheat days and allows herself to indulge once in a while," the source added to Hollywood Life. "She isn't too hard on herself and knows that splurging once in a while keeps her motivated in the long run."

"Some days I just think I want to crawl in my cave and I don't feel confident at all, and other days I feel great," she told Australia'sToday Show in 2015. "I think it's like that for all human beings, not just young women … I think maybe feeling confident or 100% every day is something to aspire to, but I don't know if it's humanly possible for anybody."

Iggy spends a lot of time in the gym "Iggy also follows a strict workout regimen which includes hitting the gym several days a week. She loves cardio to keep her waist slim, and lunges and squats to keep a bangin' [backside]," the source told Hollywood Life. "You want to strike a balance between adequate weight and number of repetitions (reps) during your workouts," says Harvard Health, crediting Vijay Daryanani, a personal trainer with Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Outpatient Center.

"He suggests trying to complete 10 to 12 reps of an exercise with enough weight so the last few are a challenge, but you are still able to keep proper form and technique." "Increase the weight as needed to ensure you keep that fine balance between reps and point of fatigue," he tells Harvard Health.

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Pool Party Banded Bikini

 The Pool Party Banded Bikini is simple, body loving, and comfortable.  The best combination and in style, offered in sunshine matte! Halter top and banded bottoms will look so good on all body types. Self ribbon ties will support your full coverage bust on the top. Bottom band can be adjusted higher or lower for the perfect fit. This full coverage bikini will make you look...


Pia Whitesell looking good

Pia Whitesell is celebrating one of her best friend's birthdays. The Aussie model shows off her amazing body in one of her latest social media posts, wishing pal Natasha Oliver a special day. "Happy birthday my beautiful Chicken," she captioned the Instagram gallery, which included a photo of the two in their bathing suits.

Whitesell Loves Pilates. "I work with Fluidform [Pilates] and have been doing it at home now for some time. [Kirsten King's] whole philosophy as a Pilates teacher is about poise and lengthening," Pia told Body + Soul. "It's always just joy," she captioned this recent photo of herself on the reformer.

Pia loves hitting the trails and going for a hike. She recently shared this series of photos of herself hiking a cave trail in Sydney. "Adventure time," she captioned it. "The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits," the Mayo Clinic says about hiking. "For example, you may start out as an average walker, and then work your way up to walking faster and walking a mile in a shorter amount of time than an average walker, similar to power walkers. This can be a great way to get aerobic activity, improve your heart health and increase your endurance while burning calories."

Pia loves cycling, outdoors and in. In this photo she messes around while riding in Sydney. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis.

Pia alternates between hot and cold treatments "I have an infrared sauna, so I use that a lot. And I have an unheated pool, so I go from the sauna to the pool," she told Body + Soul. "I really do love infrared – you can have a moment of escapism. It's like, 'Boys, I'm in the sauna. Do not disturb.'"

Pia does a lot of cardio. "I switch it up with going to the gym and listening to hip-hop while running on the treadmill or on the step machine," she told Body + Soul. "When paired with a heart-healthy nutrition plan, safe weight loss comes with doing regular cardio exercise. Not only are you less likely to develop diseases like diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease, but your body can more easily circulate blood. Less sitting time and more physical activity also helps you maintain a healthy weight by burning more calories throughout the day," says Harvard Health.

Pia spends a lot of time outdoors to promote her mental health, she explained to Body + Soul. "Being in the ocean and outdoors as much as possible with my boys. Whether it's at a basketball court or going for a coastal walk, racing up the street. I have these boys with this insane athletic ability. They smash me!" "Spending time in nature can act as a balm for our busy brains. Both correlational and experimental research have shown that interacting with nature has cognitive benefits—a topic University of Chicago psychologist Marc Berman, PhD, and his student Kathryn Schertz explored in a 2019 review," says the American Psychological Association.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini is called the Itsy Bitsy. It has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much in Hot Pink matte! Basic sliding triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit!...


Kyle Richards flaunts her incredibly fit figure in a new mirror selfie

Kyle Richards is showing off her chiseled abs, in her swimsuit! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star flaunts her incredibly fit figure in a new mirror selfie on social media. In the Instagram Stories snap the 54-year-old flexes and her washboard abs are totally on display.

Many fans maintain that Kyle is in the best shape of her life at 54. In a recent interview with The Feast, per Bravo, she maintained she was amping up her commitment to fitness. She revealed that she was working out every single day of the week but Sunday.

Kyle keeps herself accountable by enlisting workout buddies. She recently shared a photo of herself and a group of pals, including Teddi Mellencamp, at a workout class. "The girls… we all have different goals, different dreams, but the one thing we have in common is that we want to see each other succeed. That's friendship but it's also accountability. Because there's always going to be a time where you want to give up, want to make excuses, want to quit. But accountability won't let you. Accountability also means posting this pic despite so many things. Which one of us are you: the one taking the pic, the one who's like 'why are we taking a pic?', the one who's always finding her angle, or the one who's showing off her tree pose?" she captioned the snap.

Kyle loves cycling. "Went mountain bike riding through one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen," she captioned this photo. She also loves SoulCycle classes and riding her Peloton. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis.

Kyle also loves hitting the trails. "I love hiking, going on walks with my friends on steep hills, inclines. I just like to be outdoors mainly," she told E! News. "Hiking is one of the best ways to get exercise. No matter what type of trail you find yourself on, hiking is a great whole-body workout—from head to toe and everything in between," says the National Parks Service. Some of the physical benefits include building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance, improving your heart health, and decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems. It also offers many mental health benefits, according to a Stanford University study.

Kyle loves the mental health benefits of exercise. "The links between depression, anxiety and exercise aren't entirely clear — but working out and other forms of physical activity can definitely ease symptoms of depression or anxiety and make you feel better. Exercise may also help keep depression and anxiety from coming back once you're feeling better," says the Mayo Clinic. "For me, if I want to feel good and, you know, if I'm stressed, it's exercise, exercise, exercise," Kyle told US Weekly.

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Colombian Bikini

The Colombian Bikini is an all time classic bikini in white matte four way stretch fabric. Our Colombian top is slightly taller than the traditional triangle offering a little more coverage for the bust. Strings tie at neck and back for that custom fit. Our Colombian scrunch bottoms hug and shape your rear perfectly. In quality UjENA is known for, you will...


Fran Undurrago looking good on the beach

Fran Undurrago is feeling gratitude in the new year, judging by her social media updates. Undurrago posted a picture of herself at the beach, wearing a bright neon bathing suit as she stood in the surf. "Photo taken by mom not the best but love it that she took it. How nice it is to have parents alive. Thank you God! ??," she captioned the post.

Undurraga enjoys delicious, healthy eggplant-based dishes—especially lasagne. "The wonderful health benefits of eggplants are primarily derived from their vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content," says John Staughton, BASc, BFA. "According to the USDA, eggplants have a high water content with almost no cholesterol or fat and are a source of vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, and manganese."

Undurraga is a dab hand in the kitchen, whipping up red peppers stuffed with cheese and black beans. "Red peppers contain more than 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake," says Julie Daniluk, R.H.N. "Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps the proper absorption of iron. If you are iron deficient, try combining red peppers with your iron source for maximum absorption."

Undurraga loves to use an exercise ball to mix up her workouts. "The gym ball is so versatile it can be used to help someone who is just starting out in the gym as well as experienced exercisers," says Stephen MacConville, Nuffield Health's fitness lead. "A gym ball can be used by beginners to work on their squat technique. If they place the gym ball between the wall and their lower back, it can be used to support their back and help increase the range of movement in the squat."

Undurraga lifts weights as part of her workout routine. "Numerous studies have shown that strength training can play a role in slowing bone loss, and several show it can even build bone. This is tremendously useful to help offset age-related declines in bone mass," says Harvard Health. "Activities that put stress on bones can nudge bone-forming cells into action. That stress comes from the tugging and pushing on bone that occur during strength training (as well as weight-bearing aerobic exercises like walking or running). The result is stronger, denser bones."

Undurraga occasionally uses resistance bands for her exercises. "Studies show that there are no benefit changes between machines, free weights, and resistance bands," says Hayden Steele, NSCA-C.P.T., C.S.C.S. "Optimally, they would all be used together [in a training regimen], but when you look at strength benefits, you can't say that dumbbells are more effective than resistance bands. They just offer the same benefits for less money."

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Teeny G String Bikini

  The teeny G String Bikini brings new meaning to "Taking a walk on the wild side."  Bring out your inner animal with our Golden Leopard G-String.  You will be sure to get the attention you crave while feeling totally sexy and ready for anything.  Perfect for hot tubbing with your honey in the privacy of your own backyard, or...


Joan Smalls having fun on vacation

Joan Smalls is one of the most well-known models today. Smalls is currently on a beach vacation. She just shared a stunning new set of photos from her trip on Instagram. In them, Smalls posed in several different bathing suits, showing off her figure. She captioned the post, "Paraiso."

Smalls opened up about her approach to diet and exercise in an interview with WSJ Magazine. She says that she makes sure to eat a healthy breakfast each day. "I'll do oatmeal," she said. "Other times I'll do scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and a piece of toast, slice of avocado. Other days it's fruit. Before I eat, I tend to drink water."

Smalls does a lot of different kinds of workouts. She tells WSJ that she likes to do resistance training. "I've been doing 45 minutes," she revealed. "It's mostly resistance training with my own body. I'll do planks, I'll do different types of sit-ups, anything that's for my core because I have scoliosis. I do a lot of glute work: kickbacks, squats, fire hydrants."

Smalls also loves to do a lot of cardio workouts. "Cardio, I'll do maybe three times a week," she tells WSJ. "When I was in Puerto Rico, I'd run outside because it gave me a nice view to be outdoors and running in between palm trees. I haven't done Muay Thai in over a year now, and I'm starting to miss it. I believe a girl should always be able to throw a good punch. It's a good self-defense."

Smalls is an activist. She tells WSJ that she wants to see a lot of change in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to diversity. "I've seen brands use more people of color in their campaigns and advertising editorials, which I think is good. But at the same time, is this going to continue, or is it just a trend? I believe when it comes to fashion there should be a responsibility of equality for all, not just the Black community. I remember at one point, the new thing was Asia and China. All the runways, all the magazine covers, all the editorials, you see a high influx of Asian models and barely any Blacks or Latinas. It comes in waves. Now they're focused on the matter of Black lives, you see more interest in that, and now they fall back on the Asian models. There should just be equality throughout, consistently, with every race."

Smalls tells Vogue that she doesn't like to restrict herself too much when it comes to her diet. "That's why I work out more because I know it's hard to eat cheese and pizza and pasta and I cannot say no so I prefer to work out an extra 20 minutes at the gym. What I've learned is smaller portions, so not overindulge in something that I love."

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Beach Comber Bikini

The Beach Comber is a classic tie bikini for adjusted fit everywhere and a must have. Made in our Coral Reef fabric. This neon coral color is the perfect bright color for any beach!   You will shine as bright as the sun in this bikini! Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....


Joanne Froggatt having happy days on the beach

Actress Joanne Froggatt is best known for her role on the hit TV series Downton Abbey. She just shared a gorgeous new photo on Instagram. In it, Froggatt enjoyed a beach day. She wore an olive green and gray swimsuit with patterns on it. She captioned the post, "Happy days."

Foggart opened up about her style and confidence to Yahoo. "I have definitely become more comfortable in my own skin over the years," she says. "I'm a petite person and I've learned to wholly embrace that and enjoy the positives of it. When I was a teenager, I was convinced that one day I was going to develop in to a tall, long legged superhuman body, (I have no idea why, all my family are small) and when reality hit and I realised that was never going to happen, I decided to start seeing the benefits of being 5 ft 2 inches tall. I've reached a place in myself where I'm happy with the person I am, and I really believe that reflects on your outward appearance."

Froggatt tells Yahoo that she makes sure to surround herself with supportive people. "My perfect getting ready set up for work events is having my usual team with me, who are all not only super talented but also wonderful people to be around. Having a relaxed and fun atmosphere, not rushing and occasionally a glass of champagne before the red carpet. Atmosphere is really important to me, I always want to work with good people with positive energy. A happy work environment is key."

Froggatt opened up about her wellness to T Magazine. She says that she does a variety of different workouts. "I have to admit, I go through phases of being good and bad," she says. "When I'm being good, I go to the gym three to four times a week. I do much better in a class with other people. I like aerobics and circuit training."

Froggatt has amazing skin. One of her secrets to maintaining it is eating healthy. "My skin doesn't look as good when I'm not eating enough fruits and vegetables," she says to T Magazine. "So I try to eat plenty. I take a fish oil supplement and try to eat fresh seafood when I can."

When it comes to her diet, Froggatt likes to eat healthy. However, she doesn't like to deprive herself. She tells T Magazine, "I don't deprive myself, but I keep it pretty moderate. On weekends I do enjoy a glass of wine or two."

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Sheer When Wet Colombian Bikini

The sheer when wet bikini is now available in the Colombian style. Feel naked when wet and it isn't see through when dry. The Colombian triangle top is designed a little taller above the bust and slides for the perfect coverage tieing at neck and back.  The popular Colombian bottoms are snug and have a ruched seam to shape your...


Monika Chwajoł is heating up south Florida flaunting her incredible curves

Monika Chwajoł is heating up south Florida in her swimsuit! The Polish singer flaunts her incredible curves in one of her latest social media posts. "It was a wonderful month, gonna miss it and count down to be back soon," she captioned the Instagram photo of herself taken in Miami, where she has been staying, adding the hashtag #polishgirl.

Monika enjoys getting around with the help of a bicycle. "Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving forward," she captioned a snap. Per the Cleveland Clinic biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis.

Monika enjoys the perks of a daily cup of coffee. "Coffee for the road and it's time to get back from #warszawa to #krakow," she captioned a photo. A 2022 study published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that drinking two to three cups a day of most types of coffee – especially a mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee – may protect you from cardiovascular disease and an early death.

Monika takes time out of her busy schedule for self-care. One of her go-to relaxing methods is taking a hot bath. "Chilled out by the sea, chill in the tub and now time to head out for a Christmas dinner. This is the kind of holidays I like," she captioned a photo. How can baths do your body and mind good? They have been linked to better sleep and even found helpful to minimize anxiety and depression. One recent study even found that they may even boast cardiovascular benefits.

You can find Monika on the slopes in the winter. Research has linked downhill skiing to a number of health benefits. In addition to promoting physical fitness, it may decrease risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Studies have also found that the more frequently a person skis, prevalence of known hypercholesterolemia, systemic hypertension, diabetes, the frequency of mental stress and the occurrence of memory deficits declines.

Monika also enjoys shooting hoops. Here she is showing off her figure while on a basketball court. "Speed and agility training is crucial for basketball players to improve footwork skills as well as improve cardio-respiratory stamina. Speed and agility training is also key in decreasing injury for basketball players," says NASM.

When Monika puts on weights, she celebrates it. "The sides arrived ? the a** has grown ? and Monia is still joyful!" she captioned a post. "Darlings, I don't believe it myself, but I have 5 kilos more."

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Classic G-String Bikini

UjENA G-String Bikini Every woman wants to wear something totally forbidden. Something that makes her feel powerful and sexy. Your private G will be romantic, seductive, and very personal. Both the triangle top and the g bottom are adjustable. The top ties at the neck and back. Bottom ties at hip. Wear it alone or with others.  Available in 2...


Ruby Tuesday Matthews shares a lot of her gorgeous photos

Ruby Tuesday Matthews is a successful model and Instagram influencer. She shares a lot of gorgeous photos on her social media. Matthews just shared a new selfie on her Instagram story. In it, she posed in a staples brown bathing suit and a tan wrap. Her impressive figure was on display.

Matthews has amazing skin. She told some of her secrets to Byrdie. She says that she struggles with acne, so her skincare is extremely important. "My skin really freaks out. During my first pregnancy, it was like I had just hit puberty—I had the worst acne ever! Face, back and chest. After a few facials and microdermabrasion, and finding some miracle products in the Aspect range (especially the vitamin C serum), I got back on track."

Matthews revealed some of her favorite skincare products to Byrdie. She says that keeping her skin moisturized is very important. "I do a quick wash with a cleanser, towel dry, then apply vitamin C serum and daily moisturiser. I use a rosewater mist throughout the day year-round to help hydrate and protect my skin. I also use a body lotion with collagen and vitamin E, and Lanolips' All-Round ointment or Manuka honey for the odd stretch mark that pops up."

When it comes to her life, Matthews tells that she doesn't like to have a daily routine. "Right now I have no real routine," she says. "I take each day as it comes and really try and listen to my body and instincts. Some days we are at the beach and going for walks, others we will sleep in and clean the house / do washing."

Being a social media influencer, Matthews is often plagued with advice. However, she tells that she doesn't listen to any of it. "Trust your gut when it comes to your bub and making decisions. And do your own research. You will do what's right for you and your baby—everybody's needs are different."

Matthews tells that she makes sure to eat healthy. "In saying that, my normal diet is quite healthy. I've always eaten really well. I ate foods that are in season and eat a lot of fruit and veg. But I just listened to my body, and ate what I felt like, and when I felt like it."

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Barcelona Thong Bikini

The Barcelona Bikini in Black Matte is simple and never goes out of fashion. Our Barcelona top is a halter style with a low cut v neckline. Sleek and adjustable at neck with our exclusive self slider and adjustable hook at back. The bottoms are classic thong style with all the right curves of this pattern to hug your body perfectly. Whether...


Nicole Neumann shows off her incredible body on the beach in Uruguay

Nicole Neumann is enjoying the tranquility, in her swimsuit! The Argentine model shows off her incredible body in a bathing suit while on the beach in Uruguay in one of her latest social media posts. "The calm before the storm??" she captioned the Instagram snap. "Beautiful," commented one of her followers. Another simply added a fire emoji.

Nicole is very adamant about her vegan diet. "I eat very healthy because with veganism a lot of fruit and vegetables," she said on Divina Comida. She even has her family on a plant-based eating plan. While she has said that she refuses to cook dead animals, she has confessed to cheating and having dairy on occasion. "A recent meta-analysis, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, looked at nine observational studies totaling over 300,000 participants to see how plant-based diets (both vegan and vegetarian) relate to type 2 diabetes risk. The study found that those most closely following plant-based diets (emphasizing foods like whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits, while de-emphasizing or eliminating animal foods such as meat, dairy, and eggs) had a 23% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes," says Harvard Health.

Just because she is thin, don't assume Nicole is on a diet. "It doesn't bother me that they tell me things about the weight. I never dieted, it's a really genetic thing in me," she said on the show. " For most people: "No surprise: diet and exercise is still the best tag-team approach to weight loss," says Harvard Health. "For diet, focus on limiting unhealthy carbs and excess calories. Research has shown that reducing carbs, especially sugar and refined starches, makes the body burn more fat for energy. A few small diet changes can help curb your carb intake. First, take a close look at which beverages you drink, like juices, sodas, and other sweetened beverages, and how much."

If you want a body like Nicole, you are going to have to work for it. However, she doesn't go overboard with her approach to fitness. "I like to exercise, but I'm not obsessive either," she said. "I don't do 5 times in the morning. I like to look good." "General guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week, along with two strength-training sessions. But how much exercise you need each week and how intense it should be will vary based on your age and your goals," says Harvard Health.

Nicole is a big fan of burning calories in the ocean. One of her favorite activities, which she did on her most recent family vacation? Paddle boarding. "Sup baby," she captioned this photo. She also enjoys jet skiing. "It's always nice to go back to the sea!!!" she captioned another.

Nicole is a coffee drinker. "Everyone sees and gives what they have in their heart!!! Give me coffee and love all my life!!!!" Speaking of hearts, drinking a few cups of coffee a day may keep the cardiologist away. A new 2022 study published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that drinking two to three cups a day of most types of coffee – especially a mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee – may protect you from cardiovascular disease and an early death.

Nicole also enjoys winter fitness activity. You can regularly find her hitting the slopes, both skiing and snowboarding. "Family adventures with friends and laughter, are memories and emotions that no one takes away from you!!" she captioned one of her posts from the mountains.

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Curvy Girl Bikini

The Curvey Girl Bikini is more than a simple string bikini in our high quality Cobalt Blue Matte swimwear fabric. It is ideal for someone that needs a little more coverage from a triangle top and also wants a stonger string we call ribbons. This triangle top adjusts everywhere and has thicker  ribbon ties for more support. Our keyhole side ribbon tie bottoms adjust to...

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