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Brennah Black give us a new picture that saw her in a tiny bikini

The photo captured the model enjoying a day at the pool. In her caption, she told to “take a dip” in her daydream, seeming to hint that the photo was a throwback taken before social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Texas hottie geotagged the picture at the Bardessono pool, which is a luxury hotel pool in Napa Valley. She sat on a concrete slab that surrounded the water, leaning her weight back on her arms. Black appeared to have just dipped one foot in the water, dangling it over a set of ripples in the pool.

It appeared to be either early in the morning or more toward dusk, with plenty of shadows illuminating the pool terrace. The Playboy model was the only one who was poolside, and a few empty loungers sat behind her back. The blond bombshell sported a sexy string bikini that flaunted her trim figure to perfection.

The top of the garment boasted a traditional triangle cut with small black cups that did more showing than they did covering. The piece allowed Black to flaunt ample sideboob and cleavage, tying in the back with a gold string. Its halterneck secured behind her beautiful mane of hair and was not fully visible in the photo.

Her bottoms were just as sexy, boasting the same gold ties that sat high on either side of her hips, drawing attention to her chiseled abs and tiny midsection. The beautiful piece also allowed Black to expose plenty of her round booty and strong stems. She kept things casual for her poolside attire. Brennah went jewelry-free and wore her long, blond locks down and at her back, adding a few small curls throughout the body as well.

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Classic G String Bikini

UjENA Classic G String Bikini Classic g-string bikini in Camo and Sunshine yellow matte is savage, daring and seductive!  Feel powerful and sexy in this original design by UjENA. We pair it with the original triangle top, sliding under bust for optional coverage tying at neck and back.   This classic g string bottom is so bold and very alluring!.  Bottom has a...


Kathy Ireland opens up about experiences with 'predators' in fashion

Kathy Ireland, in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, shared her thoughts on the #MeToo movement and the crisis of predators in the fashion industry, which also inspired much of her new book Fashion Jungle.

According to Ireland, Fashion Jungle, which she also calls a “cautionary tale,” is based on her experiences in the fashion industry, including the experiences of other women she has come across in her career.

The former supermodel was seen as a fashion darling in the 1980s and ‘90s, gracing the covers of major magazines like Vogue and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But according to Ireland, there was a dark side to that seemingly glamorous life.

“Working in the fashion industry, we see those glossy magazine covers, the retouched photos,” she said. “We don't always see what happens behind the scenes ... I quickly learned that not all adults were good people, like my parents. There was an incident where a photographer did not respect my ‘no,’ he crossed a boundary with me and it was in regards to what he wanted me to wear. I punched him and walked out of there.”

Ireland also recounted another scary experience when she was working in Milan as a teenager and found a strange man waiting for her in the lobby of her hotel. The man tried to convince her to leave the hotel with him, and she later found out that this was not an uncommon occurrence and that if she had left with him, the consequences would have been dire.

“They called them playboys, he wasn’t a playboy, he was a predator. It begins with elaborate dinners. They were seeking to get the girls into their villas, get the girls hooked on drugs and then start selling them in the sex slave trade and many of these girls we don't see them again and it's heartbreaking,” Ireland remembered.

The model added that she’s in awe of the scores of women speaking out against abuse.

“The #MeToo movement is powerful, it empowers people to speak out and I am grateful for their courage because I know what a lot of these young girls go through,” Ireland said.

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Classic Thong Bikini

This strapless twist top will hug you tight and accentuate your bust while the thong bottoms will reveal your best assest. This is the perfect swimsuit for tanning.  Guarantees a perfect look and fit. The combination of the bright neon lemon color paired with a strapless top and thong bottom is the perfect sun lounger anytime, anywhere.  This suit will...


American lingerie model Shantal Monique, who rose to fame after becoming Playboy magazine’s Cyber Girl twice, recently share with us another bikini picture

The 30-year-old stunner could be seen rocking a barely-there white bikini that struggled to contain her ample assets.

She also flaunted her taut stomach and a glimpse of her toned legs.

Staying true to her signature style, Shantal opted for minimal makeup. The application featured an ivory foundation, a nude shade of lipstick, a thin coat of mascara and defined eyebrows. She wore her blond tresses down and allowed them to cascade over her left shoulder.

To strike a pose, the hottie stood against the backdrop of a rocky mountain. She used her hand to protect her eyes from the sunlight and looked straight into the camera, also flashing a soft smile to melt many hearts.

Shantal wrote that she doesn’t pay any heed to people’s double standards. She added that people are always poking their noses in others’ businesses, telling them what they should or shouldn’t do, how should they speak, what should they wear or not wear, and how to act or react. She then added that one must free their minds of all the negativity and just be unapologetically themselves.

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Teeny G String Bikini

UjENA Outline Collection Super sexy, super tiny!  This teeny g-string bikini in Peach Matte is as small as we could get it.  The perfect bikini for sunbathing.  The small Teeny Triangle Top paired with the g-string bottom will be sure to show off your curves and get the looks you were hoping for. Teeny G String is part of the Outline Collection. ...


One of the sexiest fitness models Lyna Perez is steaming up the Internet with her bikini pictures

Born on November 4, 1992, in Miami, Lyna Perez is leading the Internet to a meltdown with her bikini pictures. The 27-year-old has inhibited a habit of teasing her followers with her photos donning skimpy and colourful bikinis.

The American fitness model who has also been featured in Playboy mag is continuing to be the netizens’ favourite.

She had aspirations of becoming a model even at fourteen years old and, after helping a friend with a photography project, at eighteen she decided to give it a proper try.

Bikini and lingerie model who has primarily risen to fame through the photo sharing app Instagram, where she has accumulated more than 4.1 million dedicated followers. She is a self-proclaimed fan of Biggie Smalls and has listed "Warning" as one of her favorite songs.

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Colombian Bikini

The Colombian Bikini is an all time classic bikini in white matte four way stretch fabric. Our Colombian top is slightly taller than the traditional triangle offering a little more coverage for the bust. Strings tie at neck and back for that custom fit. Our Colombian scrunch bottoms hug and shape your rear perfectly. In quality UjENA is known for, you will...


'It’s all about balance' the secret of Victoria’s Secret model Josie Canseco 

Victoria’s Secret and swimsuit model Josie Canseco has shared the diet and workout routine she uses to keep her enviable figure – though be warned, she makes sure it’s not “easy.”

Canseco, daughter of former MLB star Jose Canseco and Brody Jenner’s current girlfriend, revealed that fitness for her is all about “balance” and music.

“I love cycling, I do it all the time,” the 22-year-old told Us Weekly, adding that she also runs and takes boxing classes.

“I’m all about cardio and high-intensity music ... Anything with music, really,” she added, crediting rap and “hardcore” music that pumps her up. “Music is really, like, my therapy. So anything that’s pretty much music-involved gets your head in the game.”

But more than just chasing a cardio-high, the Playboy model says fitness is about finding a routine to stick to.

“I grew up playing sports and being very active,” she told Us. “So for me, it’s kind of a routine thing that just helps me feel better about myself, about my life and my confidence. And I feel like that shines through when you feel good about what you’ve done.”

Another thing that Canseco says helps with her confidence is “eating right and eating a lot of vegetables and good proteins.”

Though, the model, who has slowly transitioned into being a pescatarian, does caution not to overdo it – “and it’s not all about going full-in and being, like, cold-turkey, cutting things out and being like a health freak. It’s all about balance for me.”

“It’s just balance,” she added. “It’s OK to have pizza and stuff like that, but weight loss should be hard work, it shouldn’t be easy.”

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Easee Fit Action Cheeky Bikini

Easee Fit Collection The most comfortable bikini in the world, UjENA's Easee Fit. Top feels so comfortable and is supportive like a sport bra. Bottom hugs your body, made from our four way stretch fabric in black Metallic Matte Lame. This special design is made without rubber and moves with your body in any action.   Swimwear for sport just got fashionable! Dare to feel...


Cindy Kimberly is doing a whole bunch of nothing in her recent pic

Cindy Kimberly sent her followers into a frenzy when she posted a diptych pic of her lounging about on the floor in a yellow bikini top and matching satiny shorts. The supermodel relayed to fans that she is “doing a whole bunch of nothing” in the pic, but they saw it differently.

Fans thought Kimberly was doing a whole bunch of tantalizing and they win the argument without much difficulty. her nothing includes scanning Playboy magazine, natch. Fans pretty much went nuts.

Besides a multitude of marriage proposals from men and women, the post incited a sort of synonym contest for the words hot and beautiful.

Some entries are sizzling, OMGgorgeous, prettiest, powerful, fire and more. And then the inevitable question: is Playboy next, is this an Easter Egg, does Cindy Kimberly have a centerfold future?

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Francia James did squats with a live alligator wearing a bikini

Model Francia James did squats with a live 1.5-metre-long alligator instead of a barbell, sharing the video of the chilling training session on Instagram. The woman, who wore nothing but a tiny bikini, put the predatory reptile right on her bare shoulders. However, some precautions were apparently taken, as the animal had something like a rope tightened around its mouth.

In the caption to the clip, filmed at Florida’s Everglades Holiday Park for rescued alligators, she joked: “Do you even lift bro? No Weights, No Problem!”

As the woman, who reportedly posed for Playboy, revealed to The Daily Star, this shoot was not an easy task for her, but she joked that she could get them on her side, promising she wouldn't make them into a pair of shoes.

"I was scared as there were 12 of them walking around in the pit, but I had Chris from the TV show Gator Boys to help me handle the gators safely. I always loved them and wanted to be around them, so I called the holiday park and arranged a private time in the pit.”

The clip has garnered thousands of views just within an hour and numerous comments, leaving some shocked and others in admiration of James.

Still, not everyone seemed to like the idea, calling it stupid, or shaming the Instagrammer for abusing animals.

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Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

This skimpy little bikini in black has just the right amount of coverage to show off your body without showing too much! Basic triangle top (ties at neck and back) and itsy bitsy bottoms (ties on both sides of hip) are the perfect combination that tie everywhere for the perfect fit! Great for the sun lounger or walking the beach with that special...


Maren Morris talks about her marriage and the impact it’s had on her life

Country superstar Maren Morris has been loving life in Maui lately.

Morris recently posed in a Playboy spread that caused a bit of controversy. She shared her thoughts on being a woman in the industry and being frustrated with that being the central point of questioning as well as body shaming and other issues.

She also discussed her marriage and the impact it’s had in her life, as Playboy reports.

“Being married for the past year has also helped me figure out more who I am independently. For example, my husband is very much a feminist, and I’ve never really done anything that’s freaked him out. He has always been accepting. Even with Playboy, he was like, ‘That’s really hot.’ It’s awesome to be with somebody who is an equal and isn’t trying to make you feel like a skank because you’re proud of your body someone who’s not watering down your ideologies for patriarchal and bull***t standards that women in country music have been locked into for the past several decades.”

Morris has been on a few world tours over the course of her career, but many of them have been as an opening act. She’s opened for Keith Urban, Sam Hunt, and Niall Horan over the years. Now, though, she’s at a stage in her career where she’s the headliner on her very own tour, and fans can hear her hits if they make it to a stop of “GIRL: The World Tour.”

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Panama Bikini

Panama Bikini  Like the beaches of Panama, this bikini is fun and feeling tropical in Tahitian Floral print. The original UjENA designed long triangle top will cover your bust on a sliding string tying at neck and back. The rear scrunch (ruched) bottoms tie at both sides will show off the body in sexy comfort. The tropical print called Tahitian, in hues of teal and coral will look great against your sun...


Playboy model Brooke Burke is ready for summer

The 47-year-old Brooke Burke looks good in a black-and-white bikini holding a surfboard while in Malibu. The Playboy model is well-deserving of her time in the sun, as she is currently juggling a podcast, a new app and television hosting for shows such as Steve and Daily Pop.

In the double photo update, Brooke flaunts her killer body in a sporty bikini. The top is a classic black triangle halter top with white trim. The bikini bottom is a basic white brief. Brooke kept the rest of her look simple, with two black beaded bracelets as her only accessories. She went without makeup and styled her hair in a messy high bun.

In the first picture, Brooke smiles widely while holding a white-and-red surfboard above her head. In the background is a sandy beach and what appears to be a picturesque black-and-white beach hut. In the second upload, Brooke is sitting down on the surfboard, flashing a huge smile once again. She is slightly leaning back, showing off her fantastic figure by extending her legs.

The Arizona native is known for her fantastic figure and often posts updates about her dedication to exercise. Her yoga attire is characteristically fashionable.

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Outline Bikini

Easee Fit The outline bikini is sporty and fun. Ready for action on the beach, at the lake, or in the pool! Black Matte fabric rimmed in White Matte makes this bikini a classic. The top is a full triangle at bust and has adjustable fit tying at the neck and back. The bottoms are classic hugging bikini coverage. No rubber so it has an Easee Fit! ...


Amberleigh West  loves swimming in open waters, kayaking and wearing bikinis

Amberleigh’s love of the great outdoors has been highlighted before even in Playboy.

“I bike, kayak and wakeboard. When my friends and I go camping, I’m the one who starts the fire. I don’t own jewelry, and I don’t need glamour, which is why my pictorial is so awesome. It feels like a dream.”

The active lifestyle likewise manifests on Amberleigh’s social media. This model’s Instagram frequently shows her swimming in open waters that the resulting photos come complete with swimwear.

While many of Amberleigh’s peers take to the platform to promote products, West appears to hold back, but flat-out promotion doesn’t appear to be up Amberleigh’s street.

For Amberleigh, however, it seems to be all about fun in the sun. Her May 19 snaps had racked up over 35,000 likes within eight hours of being posted.

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Teeny G String Bikini

UjENA Outline Collection Alluring sparkles on subtly sheer mesh fabric, and super tiny for those Hot, Hot, Hot days or nights!!!  This Teeny G String bikini in a sheer black sparkle mesh with black shiny tricot outlined is as small as we could get it.  The perfect bikini for sunbathing and the super daring!  Small triangle top paired with the g-string bottom will be sure to show...


Big time model Kelly Gale is not exempt from the rough side of love

As Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale sizzled in a bikini for her 1.1 million followers, there is one person who won’t be seeing the snap: ex-boyfriend Johannes Jarl.

The Victoria’s Secret model has recently been in the news because of her breakup with long-time love, per The Daily Mail. The two had been high school sweethearts and lived together in New York.

Though the pair never made any public statements, the two had last been seen together at the Australian Open in January. However, there had long been rumors that there was trouble between the two, as Jarl did not attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2018.

In addition to modeling for Victoria’s Secret, Gale has also modeled for Chanel, Reem Acra, Tom Ford, and H&M. She was also the Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in September 2016.

Though she was born and primarily raised in Sweden, the model also has Australian citizenship. She also spent four years living in Ghana. She was first discovered at age 13 by a talent scout outside of an H&M boutique in Gothenburg.

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Neon Lemon Sheer Topless Bikini

Neon and bright, see-thru on the top and solid low rider bottom, is anything but boring! Made from our sheer mesh neon lemon and matte fabric.  This all around string suit will be a perfect fit on your body. Be confident and shockingly alluring all at the same time in this edgy suit. We recommend cold water wash before wearing this swimsuit. ...


‘Playboy’ Model Lada Kravchenko definitely is not just a pretty face

The Playboy model is rather popular on social media. The blonde-haired beauty is signed with the highly-touted Wilhelmina Models, and there’s a reason for it. Not only does Lada have a gorgeous face, but she also has an incredible body to go along with it.

Most fans compared her to a Barbie doll. Of course, a few other let Lada know that they would love to work with her on upcoming projects.

Recently, the model sat down for an interview with Metro Models, where she opened up about herself and her modeling career. In the interview, she was asked what sort of profession she would be interested in doing if she was not a model and her answer was rather interesting.

“So many nice professions are in the world! When I was a child I’d love to be a stewardess cause I like to fly (and do it a lot now being a model), than a cooker [sic] as it [is] my loving talent, sword-fighting coach,” she dished. “I got this goal [a] few years ago, IT-specialist as I would have this diploma in a year… and many, many others.”

It sounds like Lada is definitely more than just a pretty face.

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Caribbean Crochet Bikini

Handmade Crochet Collection Feel the difference in UjENA's hand made Crochet Caribbean Bikini in white. The full front is loosely weaved across the bust with ties at neck and back keeping you covered.  The specially designed bottom is totally adjustable for front and back coverage and ties on one side.  Feel the Caribbean sun when wearing this hot bikini!   ...


Super model Joy Corrigan seen modeling swimwear in Tulum, Mexico.

Joy Corrigan has modeled for publications and companies ranging from Playboy to Sports Illustrated to Victoria’s Secret. However, she has apparently added a new member to the portfolio after being seen modeling swimwear in Tulum, Mexico.

In pictures obtained by The Daily Mail, the model looked fantastic as she posed in a fashionable one-piece.

In a few of the snaps, Joy ramped up her sex appeal by going topless.

This is not the first time Corrigan has taken racy photos and shared them on social media.

In an interview with Byrdie, Corrigan said that she managed to keep her physique toned with hot yoga and boxing. She even admitted that she makes sure to keep exercising while traveling by doing squats and leg lifts in hotel rooms.

Corrigan also discussed her dedication to clean eating.

“‘You are what you eat.’ I can work out for hours but if I’m not fueling my body with the right nutrition it’s hard to get the results I want.”

When asked about advice for looking good at the beach, the bronzed beauty gave advice ranging from swimwear to lotion to haircare.

“Coconut oil is a great treatment, I apply it on my ends and leave it in overnight. On my days off I always let my hair air-dry, the less heat the better!”

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Double Dip

UjENA White Double Dip 1-PC Simple but flattering. Super scooped in the front and back, this one piece will make you feel fabulous. Shelf bra gives you that extra lift. Feel comfortable swimming, playing volleyball, or even hanging out by the pool with your kids. Scooped neckline Shelf bra Wide straps High cut legs Scooped back Fully lined ...


Ten of the Best Ever Swimwear Models - 5. Stephanie Seymour was one of the most famous swmsuit models of the 90's

Stephanie Seymour is still a busy model and continues to be one of the world's most recognized faces.

From her early teens it became obvious that the towering, stunningly beautiful young woman was ideal modeling material, and she immediately began getting some local print work. Having entered a modeling contest sponsored by Elite, Seymour caught John Casablancas's eye and moved to New York to work for him at Elite as a model, eventually carrying on a relationship with Casablancas as well, who left his wife to live with the youthful Seymour.

She had great success, including the beginning of a long relationship with Victoria's Secret and work on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

Ten of the Best Ever Swimwear Models number five Stephanie Seymour was born in 1968 in San Diego, California.

In 1994 she was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

She also achieved a lot of notoriety with rumors of difficult, diva-like behavior and a personal life that was wild even by supermodel standards -- the nude spreads in Playboy; tales of drugs and wild partying; a short-lived marriage; a relationship with Warren Beatty, callously ended to take up with rock star Axl Rose, which then ended with mutual accusations of physical abuse and mutual law suits (which eventually settled).

She had an affair with publisher, producer and father of five Peter Brant, who eventually left his wife and married Seymour in 1995 and they have four children.

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Braided Bikini

From the shores of the Riviera, to the pools of a chique resort, you will be the center of attention in silver braided metallic and Bermuda blue. The braided Bikini is skimpy and alluring in fashionable style. Be proud of your curves and look amazing in this unique bikini! Made For You in Our UjENA Factories....

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