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The sensational Georgia Fowler was spotted wearing this sexy black bikini

The stunner was photographed striking a dynamic pose with her hands placed above her head. Her arms were covered in sand, with grains of sand dotting her hair and cheeks. She seemingly arched her back slightly to accentuate her slim figure and closed her eyes, pursing her lips in a seductive manner.

The image was cropped from her waist up and gave us a close look at her bikini top and accessories. The top hugged the sides of her chest and had thin straps that crisscrossed below her neck. She added glam to her ensemble with a necklace with a pearl charm and short dangling earrings. Her makeup application was hard to discern because she was photographed in monochrome, but her lips popped thanks to her use of lipstick.

The second photo was taken from further away and showed Georgia posing on a slight incline with her left leg crossed on top of the other. She raised her hands above her head and tilted her head to her left. The model gave a hint of a smile with her eyes closed yet again. Moreover, she wore her hair slicked back behind her shoulders and her short locks peeked through from behind her neck.

The snap also revealed that her bikini bottoms had thin, long side ties that rested high on her hips. Her flat abs and lean legs were hard to miss as she soaked up the rays.

The sand beside her looked mostly untouched, save for several circular indentations.

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