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Brooks Nader swears that being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star is more than just having great genes

The Baton Rouge, La., beauty made heads turn when she attended the magazine’s first-ever open casting call in Miami in 2018, earning a spot in the final six out of more than 10,000 applicants. The model went on to be named the 2019 model search winner. However, success didn’t always come easy for her.

“I’ve always liked my body,” Nader previously told Fox News. “I was bustier growing up. I thought that people would be receptive to that in New York, but it was obviously challenging at first. But now I’m in a really good place, mainly became a brand like Sports Illustrated noticed me.”

Nader stressed she doesn’t believe in no-nonsense diet regimens or even skipping on her favorite treats to stay in swimsuit-ready shape. So how does she do it? Below are six ways Nader keeps herself balanced while staying fit all year long:

In February of this year, Nader told Fox News she doesn’t believe in dieting.

Instead, when it comes to being ready to don a swimsuit at any given moment, the model insisted on portion control, which prevents her from overindulging without compromising on her favorite treats.

“I try to do everything in moderation and not limit myself too much,” she explained. “If I want a sweet I’ll just have portion control and have a little bit of a cupcake instead of four cupcakes. I think that you can totally drive yourself crazy if you go on insane diets for long periods of time,” she shared. “You’re just going to crack. It’s taken me a while to just do everything in moderation try to eat healthy as much as you can.”

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