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Sofia Bevarly is enjoying the beach by herself during these tough times

The post consisted of two photos that showed Sofia standing in shallow water up to her calves. A mountain range was visible in the distance as she waded in the clear water alone. She said that the snapshots were taken from a previous trip she made to Hawaii, though she didn’t indicate when she was there. Regardless of when it happened, it was a lovely day to be on the ocean as the sky was just as clear as the water.

Sofia wore a floral bikini with a pink design. The top had classic triangle-style cups that exposed much of her chest. The bottoms were a low-cut style that tied into loopy bows on the sides of her hips.

In the first image of the post, Sofia faced the camera. She posed with one foot forward, flaunting her hourglass figure and curvy hips. Her ample chest was also on display as she held her hand up to her face to shield her face from the sun.

The second picture saw Sofia getting a little flirty with her fans as she tugged on the sides of her bikini strings. The camera caught her at an angle as she looked down, showing off her chiseled abs. She stood with one leg forward, flaunting the curve of her hips and her shapely thighs. She also flashed a bit of sideboob as she struck the pose.

The model looked to be wearing a light application of makeup that included a pink shade on her lips. Her long hair down fell down over one shoulder.

Sofia said that she was currently at her house, but was in Hawaii in her mind.

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