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Vicky Pattison has admitted she's feeling 'gutted' because her exotic holidays have been cancelled this year because of COVID-19

The TV personality, 32, is feeling down that her far-flung getaways with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan have been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, while acknowledging there are far more important things going on in the world.

The down-to-earth star said it was only human to have a little 'whinge' before focusing on what really matters - the safety and health of our loved ones.

Vicky musings about her wanderlust in these troubled times was accompanied by a throwback bikini snap.

She asked: 'If you could be waking up anywhere today, where would it be??!

'So far we’ve had holidays to Thailand, Dubai, Maldives and the amalfi coast cancelled... And I know, it’s nothing in the big scheme of things, there is far more important things happening in the world and our health and the health of others is paramount. But I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t a bit disappointed. We’re all allowed to be upset that our plans got cancelled, we’re allowed to be sad we aren’t going on holiday, you’re allowed to be gutted that the wedding of you dreams has been postponed.

'Just remember that, it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a person with feelings that was excited for something.

'And don’t let some self righteous person convince you that you’re selfish, because you’ve had a little moan that you’re gutted you can’t go away.

'It’s perfectly normal. As long as we’ve all got some perspective and know that there’s bigger things happening- we can all allow ourselves a little whinge from time to time.

Vicky went on to reveal that she's excited about what trips she can plan in future when all of this is behind us.

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