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Bri Teresi likes to wear a bikini all the time

The photo showed Bri standing in the bright green lawn of what appeared to her Auburn, California home. In the background, tall trees and a white fence could be seen. It appeared to be a beautifully sunny day as the rays shined down on Bri and washed over her toned body. Her skin looked even tanner in her brightly-colored swimwear, which did nothing but favors for her curves.

Bri’s look included a rectangular top with a cut-out at the center. The low-cut neckline just barely contained her busty chest, as her ample cleavage spilled out on top and out of the cut-out.

Bri’s flat, toned tummy was on full display between the top and a matching U-shaped bikini bottom. The front of the bikini remained low on her waist, while the sides came up high above her hips and hugged her tiny waist. The sides were made of three thin layered strings, so even more skin was on display between the cut-outs. The high sides frame her famously long legs perfectly.

Bri accessorized her swimwear with a pair of small, silver hoops. She also rocked a full face of makeup, including pink blush, bright highlighter, dark eyeliner, and pink lipstick. Her medium-length blond hair was styled in a messy, wavy blowout.

Bri posed with one hip cocked to the side and her toes pointed, which elongated her pins. She held her arms up to her chest, causing her cleavage to spill out even more. Bri parted her lips and stared at the camera with a sultry gaze.

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