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Jasmine Sanders just hanging out enjoying the near perfect weather

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year model was shown standing tall as she held up her mobile phone and captured the short clip. Her golden locks were hanging free, and one hand was positioned behind the mass of curls. With the phone covering her face, it was hard to see her beautiful face or if the model was wearing any makeup.

Jasmine wore a plain black bikini that featured gold clips on each strap running over her shoulders. In addition, a band of gold was seen in the center of the top. The matching bikini bottoms did not feature any gold trim as it sat high over her curvaceous hips. With the pose, Jasmine’s flat stomach was prominently on display.

On her feet, she wore fluffy white slippers as she protected them from the stark white tiles beneath. Standing in front of a doorway, the video also showed a side table that had a vase of bamboo and a silver skull ornament positioned on it. This low table seemed to be situated next to a sofa or chair made out of a soft neutral-colored material. On the floor appeared to be a pile of clothing.

During the clip, the model tousled her hair as she posed for the camera and wished everyone well at the end of the Memorial Day weekend.

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