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Jessica Bartlett always looking good in a bikini

Jessica’s look included a triangle-shaped bikini top with thin strings that tied around her neck and bust. The front of the top was mostly open with a plunging neckline that did little to cover the bombshell’s ample cleavage. In addition, the minuscule fabric rode up slightly and exposed her underboob.

Jessica’s rock-hard abs were on show between the top and a matching high-cut thong in a V-shape. The front of the bikini bottom remained low on her waist to expose her flat tummy, while the sides tied high above her hips to accentuate her chiseled figure. Her long, lean legs were on full display in the skimpy bottom.

Jessica accessorized her outfit with a silver bracelet, a ring and a dainty necklace. She wore her dark hair down in luscious waves that fell over her shoulder.

In the shot, Jessica stood in front of a cluster of trees with leaves growing all over. A white wall was also visible in the background. Light appeared to be shining down on Jessica from somewhere off-camera as the rays washed over her fair skin and caused a gentle glow. She looked as radiant as ever in her swimwear.

Jessica posed with one hip cocked to the side and her other knee bent in an attitude pose that emphasized her hourglass shape. She plucked the middle string on her bikini out with her thumb to show off even more skin. The babe looked dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction as the fabric slipped off her chest. She stared at the camera with a powerful gaze.

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