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Anna Katharina showed her killer physique in a crochet bikini

The model wore a yellow bikini made from a crocheted material that included tiny cutouts along the edges. The top was held up by thin strings around the neck and rib cage, leaving plenty of skin along Anna’s upper body exposed. The eye was drawn to her toned arms and flat abdomen. The small cups of the bikini also left Anna’s cleavage on display.

The bottoms featured the same string tie as the top, and were held up at the hips in two bows. The fabric in the middle dipped low on her pelvis, allowing her followers an even better view of her abdomen. The upper half of Anna’s shapely thighs could also be seen.

Anna completed the look with her blond tresses worn loose and flowing down her back and shoulders from a side part. She also flashed a set of white-manicured nails.

The photo was taken in an indoor space next to a set of doors. The model was featured in the forefront, with her body taking up most of the frame. She stood with one shoulder lifted and her chest pushed out while staring directly at the camera.

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