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Maxim model Bri Teresi posing in the sand in a crochet bikini

Bri was sitting with her legs spread open and her knees raised. She held one hand in between her thighs, slightly fanning out her fingers on the soft sand. Her other elbow rested on her knee as she seductively grazed her neck with her fingers, all the while shooting a smoldering look at the lens. The model was barefooted, showing off her chic, nude pedicure. Her hair was parted on the side, brushing over her shoulder in messy waves.

The second snap portrayed the Los Angeles-based hottie sitting on her hip. She leaned on both hands, prompting up her upper body as she stretched her legs to the side. Her shoulder was cocked and her waist was arched, emphasizing her limber physique. Her arms framed her perky bust, ensuring all eyes were glued to her curves. Fine grains of sand clung to her knee and outer thigh, adding to her sultry vibe.

Bri wore a itty-bitty halterneck top that only covered the essential. The item sported teeny, teardrop-shaped cups that struggled to contain her, causing her curves to overspill on all sides. The revealing cups were spaced wide apart, strung together on a thin strap that inspired little confidence of remaining secure. The flimsy string was adorned with chic beaded details that also decorated the spaghetti shoulder straps.

The revealing bikini continued with what looked like a cheeky thong — a high-cut number that tied on both sides with flirty bows. The bottoms dipped scandalously low in the front, showing off her toned body, and stretched high over her hips. Tiny beads embellished the thin side straps, concentrating the gaze towards the minuscule triangular front.

The bathing suit was an elegant white color that accentuated Brie’s glowing tan. The 25-year-old accessorized with a pair of small, gold hoop earrings and nothing else, opting to let her killer curves speak for themselves. The background was typical wild beach fare, showing a grass-strewn hillside and plenty of dried-up tree branches that looked whitened from being in the sun too long.

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