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America’s Got Talent host Tyra Banks showed some serious skin as she opened up about what makes her “special”

In the black-and-white shot uploaded on September 20, Tyra posed with her arms out by her sides as she gave the camera a very sultry look with her lips slightly apart. She had her long, wavy hair cascading down over both shoulders.

Her bikini featured two small triangles of material over her chest with two strings tied around her neck and another around her toned torso. She kept things equally skimpy on her bottom half with string bottoms that sat low under her navel. They were tied into bows over her hips with the strings dangling down.

The photo was edited to show Tyra on a light gray background in front of a large yellow X, two magazine pages, two large leaves, and flowers. Two yellow roses were edited over her thighs.

the 46-year-old mom-of-one wrote about how everyone has something special about them. She said her power is being able “to mesmerize” with her “smize,” a term she coined years ago to describe smiling with her eyes.

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