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Lucia Javorcekova flaunting her curves in a revealing crochet bikini at the beach

Lucia wore a skimpy two-piece bathing suit that complemented her bronzed skin. The top featured triangle-style cups that hardly contained her shapely breasts. Notably, the cups were black, while the edges and straps were white. The stitches were too tight, and it secured her buxom curves. Its plunging neckline also gave viewers a nice look at her cleavage.

She sported white bottoms that were just as revealing. The low-cut waistline highlighted her toned midsection, particularly her flat stomach. Thin strings made up the waistband and were wrapped around her waist and tied on the sides of her curvy hips.

In the photo, Lucia was photographed at a beach in Dubai, as the geotag suggests. Lush greenery and a glimpse of the coastline comprised the background of the shot.

She was barefoot as she struck a sexy pose on the fine, white sand. The babe occupied mostly one side of the frame and stood with one leg forward. She raised her left arm to her hair while her other arm stayed on the side. Her chin was slightly raised as she gazed at a distance with a smile on her face.

The 30-year-old wore her brunette hair down and unstyled as some loose waves were evident. She let her long strands fall on her back with some sections grazing her shoulders.

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