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Jilissa Zoltko wearing a pink printed bikini

Jilissa stood outside a white building with gray wooden shutters on it. Sumptuous green palm trees and greenery filled the spaces behind her with a hint of a stunning blue sky in the distance.

The model stood on a patio in the shade, and she looked straight into the camera’s lens with her shiny, full lips slightly pursed open, revealing a hint of her teeth in the first image.

Jilissa wore a bubble gum pink bikini top with colorful butterflies in various sizes printed on it. The swimwear consisted of two triangles of fabric with ties attached to each apex wrapping behind her neck and one tie threaded through the bottom wrapping around her ribcage. She tugged the string between her ample breasts, revealing her cleavage and a bit of sideboob. She wore matching bottoms that dipped low in the front and had tiny straps that rose over each of her hips, emphasizing her gorgeous hourglass shape and flat tummy.

The model’s layered blond locks cascaded over her shoulders in soft, loose waves from a slightly off-center part, framing her face and stopping below her ample chest. She accessorized with small gold hoop earrings, a gold bangle bracelet, and a ring.

The second photograph showed Jilissa with her arms bent out to the sides and her hands touching her hair. She looked off in the distance and smiled a huge toothy grin.

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