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Sofia Richie radiated happiness and beauty posing pool side

Sofia was photographed poolside, where she sat on the deck with her ankles crossed and her feet hanging over the edge of the pool. She raised her knees up so that she could rest her arms on them. She had on a solid black two-piece. Her top featured strappy shoulders and a scoop front. The edge of its low neckline slightly curved away from her body, likely due to the was she was sitting with her shoulders rolled forward.

Because her matching bikini bottoms had a cheeky cut, some of her peachy booty’s bare skin was exposed to the rough stone tiles that covered the deck. However, the svelte sunbather didn’t seem bothered by her rough seat. In fact, she appeared to laugh as she angled her face toward the camera. She scrunched her face up and squeezed her eyes shut while flashing her pearly whites.

Sofia accessorized with an array of stacked bracelets on her right wrist for a touch of sparkle, while burgundy polish on her fingernails gave her look a contrasting pop of color. Her toenails were painted black, so they complemented her bathing suit. She wore her blond hair parted down the center and blown out so that it was straight and silky smooth.

The model held a paperback copy of The Poetry of Zen in her right hand. She gripped one corner of the open book so that it was positioned over the water.

Sofia provided a better look at her surroundings, describing them as her “happy place.” Her poolside hangout spot featured a curved stone balustrade and a view of tall trees and buildings. The luxurious pool was located on the property owned by her father, iconic R&B musician Lionel Richie. His extravagant home is located in Beverly Hills, not far from the famed Playboy mansion.

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