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Abby Dowse was spending some time outdoors poolside

A large pool filled with shimmering turquoise water was visible behind her, and there were several lounge chairs positioned on the other side, although they were empty at the moment the photo was taken.

A tall wooden fence on one side added some privacy to the area and several towering trees surrounded the space as well, delivering bursts of lush greenery and making the outdoor spot seem like an oasis.

Despite the scenic surroundings, the focal point of the shot remained Abby's buxom curves. The top was super simple, with tiny triangular cups barely able to contain her ample assets. Thin strings wrapped around her neck and back, connecting the two cups across her chest. She had a serious amount of cleavage on display in the garment.

The bottoms likewise had a simple silhouette, with a small patch of fabric covering the bare minimum and two thin strings stretching over her shapely hips.

The high-cut style of the swimwear bottoms accentuated Abby's hourglass curves and elongated her incredible legs.

She waded into the pool until the water came to just above her knee, but plenty of her sculpted stems remained on display. Her bronzed skin glistened in the sunlight, glowing as the photo was taken, and her curves looked incredible in the barely-there bikini.

Abby finished off the look with a few accessories, including delicate layered necklaces and a thin bracelet on each wrist. Her long blond locks tumbled down her chest and back in an effortlessly tousled look with some major texture.

Several strands blew in the wind, obscuring portions of her flawless features, and she had both arms raised, hands tangled in her tresses.

Abby kept her gaze fixed on the camera, her plump lips parted in a sultry expression as the photo was captured.

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