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Singer Perrie Edwards looked ready to spend an afternoon sunbathing at the beach

Perrie wore a red bikini with contrasting crocheted trim and stitching in a cream hue. A delicate gold anklet adorned one ankle. Her blond tresses were styled in tidy, lustrous waves that pumped up her hair's volume significantly.

She crossed one ankle in front of the other and bent her knee, drawing attention to her shapely legs. Her thighs and calves looked strong and toned.

Perrie's string bikini previously made an appearance in a few photos that she shared last August. They showed her and Alex posing together on a yacht.

Apparently, the pop star and her boyfriend have been spending some of their time in lockdown coming up with creative ways to keep Travis active indoors. The couple even created a mini agility course for the canine to conquer.

Perrie used treats to get Travis to weave in and out of a row of evenly-spaced jars on the floor. However, disaster struck when they reached the gate obstacle — Perrie accidentally knocked over the pole that Travis was supposed to hop over before he got a chance to try.

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