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Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood rocked a bikini

Sara didn't mention exactly where the pictures were taken, but she was near a stream with rocks all around it, the water cascading down some rocks in the background.

The sun shone down on Sara's curvaceous figure, illuminating her flawless skin and giving her a golden glow.

Sara's long blond locks were styled in two braids that cascaded down her back and chest, with bangs framing her face. She also had a flower positioned in her hair, accentuating her breathtaking beauty.

Sara sat on a large moss-covered rock with water flowing all around her. Her toned legs looked incredible in her skimpy bikini bottoms, and her top covered barely anything at all.

The swimsuit top was a triangle-style string bikini with small cups covering a portion of her ample assets, and thin strings stretching around her neck and back to secure the garment.

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