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Cassie Randolph is having a blast in Mexico

Cassie Randolph couldn't have looked any happier basking in the sunshine in her bikini during a getaway to Mexico.

The Bachelor vet, 25, was spotted splashing around in the ocean, taking photos, and generally having the time of her life hanging out with her girlfriends.

Cassie appears to have been spending time with friends and family these last few days.

Keen on remembering the fabulous vacation, the star grinned with glee as she snapped photos of her gorgeous surroundings.

Cassie was a sight to behold as she emerged from the ocean blue in her tiny bikini with her blonde hair slicked back wet over her head.

The reality star appeared to be posing for a friend as she clung to a ladder, flashing a smile and a friendly wave towards her pals.

Huge grin on her face, the drama of the past week seemed to be momentarily out of sight, out of mind.

Cassie was thrust back into the spotlight this last week after her ex-boyfriend Colton came out as gay in an interview with GMA, where he also apologized to Cassie for the way their relationship ended.

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