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Michelle Heaton has been applauded by sharing some unedited bikini photos

The former Liberty X singer, who went public with her alcohol addiction earlier this year, bask in her new found confidence.

Michelle Heaton, 42, told followers she has learned to accept that she had learn to view her body as a shrine to her past experiences from carrying her two children to undergoing a hysterectomy.

Along with her inspiring post, Michelle shared a number of snaps of her posing in a skimpy two piece from her recent holiday to Tenerife - some she edited and others she left untouched as she mused on the often fake world of social media.

"We all use filters let’s be honest! Some make themselves slimmer (but we can see the distortion babes)," began the star.

"Some are so ashamed or carry the weight of feeling self conscious of our scars and saggy bits that is only how god made us to be - our own body."Just taking them now, hands up, went to smooth.. Away the saggy stomach of carrying babies … the scars on my boobs from the double mastectomy.. the scar on my heart from abusing diet pills when young … my hysterectomy scars what were once my babies delivery scars.."If honest there’s probably more," admitted Michelle.

The mum admitted she while she was sometimes guilty of still using filters to edit her image online she urged fans not to judge those continue to.

"Don’t hate on those who create a perfect image .. sometimes we feel forced into doing so because of the online abuse we get of pictures like these I’ve put up today.

"I have no doubt I will or would have been scrolling down at some unpleasant very damaging comments at my scars sags and age. Unfortunately no matter how hard we try to only see the good and beautiful comments. One bad can cause so much pain!"

She went on: "So today I embrace that - might not happen often but I can today!"

As she shared a slew of pictures Michelle said she'd purposefully included a 'fake' edited one in the mix but bravely to her followers 'I don't look like that I look this," in reference to the first untouched photos.

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