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Bollywood actress Esha Gupta remains in the headlines for her bold avatars

While she may not doing many films as of now, she makes sure to remain in the spotlight.

She was seen in a cooper bikini and played with her hair.

Earlier, in October this year, Esha was slut-shamed for putting up pictures of herself while sunbathing on a balcony. They featured her topless, with her back facing the camera. Back then, she had reacted to trolls.

Esha Gupta said, "It's gender bias. So many male actors out there are putting up shirtless pictures. Why not ask them to cover up? It's their mentality that has to be blamed. A woman's clothes making people think about rape is problematic."

She said that she has matured to the level where she doesn’t react to trolls anymore. "I also understand that people will point fingers no matter what you do," she said.

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