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Olympian Julia Marino is always down for an adventure, whether on or off her board

When she is on vacay from board life, the athlete spends her time exploring beautiful new places. In one of her adventures, she jumped off a rocky cliff while dressed in a sexy, red bikini. The daring photo impressed but was also seen by her mom, who was less than happy with her daughter's actions.

In the photo, Julia can be seen wearing a skimpy red bikini and smiling ear-to-ear with a waterfall backdrop behind her.

The second slide shows her jumping on a rocky cliff and into the water below.

The rocky cliff is a popular attraction among adventure seekers. It is located in Devil's Glen in Weston, Connecticut. But, because of the risks involved, it's not exactly legal to do cliff jumping in the area.

While everyone was psyched to see the fearless cliff jump, Julia's mom had a different reaction. Naturally, she had to remind her daughter to take it easy on the risky adventures and that a phone call was due.

"Ti Ti - please give me a call so we can talk about that shot of you jumping off the rock. Love, Mama," her mom commented

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