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Even when she enjoys a lazy day indoors, Stassie Karanikolaou always has her A-game on standby

The star probed this as she posted sizzling images of herself lounging indoors. Stassie preferred to be a homebody this time, but her lovely soft glam was nothing close to casual. The star rocked a trendy bikini as she posed up a storm.

Stassie Karanikolaou enjoyed her leisure day indoors as she posed for a mirror selfie that displayed a section of her minimalist-inspired but the elegant bedroom. Stassie’s bedroom also served as a backdrop, with its all-white upholstery splayed across every part. While the walls and rugs matched in white, Stassie’s sofas bore earthier colors. The soft-looking beddings were also white, down to the bedside lamp on the far-end. The only pop of color was Stassie’s tantalizing glam which came in the form of a bikini.

The fashion lover’s pink swimsuit included a bikini top styled like an athleisure bra, while the bottoms left her graceful limbs on display. Her splendid bikini bore Fendi monograms printed all around. Stassie knelt with her legs apart while lowering her waist a little to accentuate her hips.

She let her hair fall down her shoulders while a cute tattoo from her raised wrist peeped in one corner. The 24-year-old had no makeup on as she flaunted her spotless skin.

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