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Olivia Culpo only works out to look good in her bikinis

The 30-year-old model and actress has to stay in shape for her career but admitted she hates working out with her NFL running back boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, because his training is way more intense than hers.

She told: “Honestly, I hate working out with him. Because he is a professional athlete. He works out for a profession.

“It’s just impossible. Like the amount of weight that he’s lifting, there’s no point in even trying to do anything within the realm of what he is doing.

“I work out just so I can get by in my bikinis. For him, it’s just a different level and he always wants to make sure that my form is perfect and things like that. It can be annoying, and we’ll work out together to some degree, but he’s just so particular about the workouts.”

And Olivia Culpo hates when Christian, 26, tries to correct her form.

She said: “I’m just like, ‘Let me do my thing. This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to do me. You do you.’ But it’s fun! I’m more like, watching him.”

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