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Olympian Linda Cerruti proudly showed her six silver and two bronze medals

Italian Olympian Linda Cerruti, 28, scooped up six silver and two bronze medals at the European Aquatics Championships in Rome earlier this month and decided to advertise her achievements in an eye-popping snap.

The picture in question, showed the super-fit sportswoman posing upside down by the ocean in a leopard-print bikini.

Cerruti’s eight medals were seen draped from her tanned and toned legs, which were hoisted into the air as she performed a split.

A synchronized swimmer has condemned the “sexist and vulgar” comments she received on a photo depicting her hard-earned achievements.

Cerruti fired back, penning a lengthy diatribe, saying the photo was intended to be “artistic” and did not deserve the deluge of demeaning comments that “sexualized” her body.

“Two days ago I shared a photo taken at the beach where I always go, where I developed my first dreams, a place that has great symbolic value for me,” she wrote. “The photo shows me in an artistic pose, typical of my sport, upside down and doing the splits along with the eight medals I won during the best European Championship of my career.”

The synchronized swimmer subsequently blasted, “I am literally shocked and disgusted by the hundreds, probably thousands, of inappropriate, sexist comments and vulgar people responsible for them.

“After over 20 years of training and sacrifice, I find it SHAMEFUL to say the least, and it is heartbreaking to read the hordes of people making jokes that sexualize my body,” she further raged. “Is a bum and two legs really the only thing there and the main topic of conversation? The minimum, and the only thing I can do, is expose the inappropriateness of those comments, mirroring a society that is still very masculine and different to the one I would like to be born into and raise my children one day.”

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