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Jasmine Tookes shares photos from the Maldives

Jasmine Tookes is living her best life in the Maldives in her swimsuit. In some new Instagram Stories, the former Victoria's Secret Angel flaunts her amazing figure in a bathing suit while vacationing at the ultra-luxe Nova Maldives, a modern, low-key resort in the islands. She was joined by fellow Angels, Sara Sampaio, Kelsey Merritt, and Shanina Shaik.

Jasmine detailed a day in her life to The Cut, "I love to sleep in, but I feel good when I get up early and get the day started. I try to get up early," she told them. Whether you wake up early or sleep in, there are lots of benefits to getting rest. The Sleep Foundation maintains that getting enough z's is a mood booster, promotes heart health, regulates blood sugar, improves mental function, restores your immune system, helps relieve stress, and aids in weight loss.

Jasmine exercises in the morning, to "get it over and done with," she says. "If I wait for the evening, it's not going to happen."

After getting up, Jasmine fuels up with food and a shake. "So, I wake up and have a protein shake. I'll put in banana, chocolate whey powder, peanut butter, strawberries, and almond milk. I like the Isopure chocolate whey powder; it's one of the cleanest ones. Then I'll have breakfast, which is usually two hard-boiled eggs with spinach," she told The Cut.

Jasmine exercises so she can eat what she wants. "I love to eat tons of food with lots of carbs. I balance it with working out. But generally, I try to be very clean and eat healthy, and always have a lot of protein. I do have a lot of cheat days. I feel like you should be able to eat what you want," she told The Cut. One of her cheat meals? "I love to have hot wings and French fries," she said.

"I like to mix it up," Jasmine told The Cut about her approach to fitness. "I work out about four times a week. I love doing barre classes once a week. I do Physique 57. Their class is less cardio-based — it's slower."

asmine also loves an elongating form of fitness. "I love doing Pilates on a reformer for tightening and lightening. Twice a week," she said.

"I'll do weight training to build thighs and bulk up a little more. I'll go to Dogpound. They really listen to you and what you want to accomplish. And for me, I want to build my legs and my butt. That's always a goal. I love a bigger butt," Jasmine revealed. "There's a stigma surrounding heavy weight lifting, but you just have to figure out what's good for you. Some people might bulk up with doing heavy weight lifting, but I don't. I would say, try it once a week. Add more lengthening and Pilates and see if you see a difference. For me, personally, because of my metabolism, I try to stay far away from cardio for my body type. I also need a lot of protein. It's the only way for me to maintain my body."

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