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Model Olivia Culpo just focuses on those who inspire her

When it comes to dealing with critics on social media, the influencer admits that it "can be really, really difficult."

"I definitely see a lot of my friends who are in the public eye struggle as well or get wrapped up in it and it's hard not to sometimes lash out at people or ask them why they're saying certain things," Culpo explained. "But I've honestly been able to develop some pretty thick skin and I have a really great support system as well and the way that I think of it is if there's anything I ever really needed to know, good or bad, my friends and family who actually know me will tell me that.

"So when I read mean things online, I don't take it seriously, I really just try to ignore the noise, that's my phrase, because you can't really control what other people are going to say and a lot of the times they don't know you at all."

In keeping with her positive mantra, Culpo just focuses on those who inspire her.

"I always feel really inspired when I know that I'm able to communicate with my fans and young girls. I feel like even when I'm having the hardest days, just knowing that I'm able to connect with so many other women and inspire them just like they inspire me the idea of empowering other women and also being able to be empowered by other women makes me feel more confident and inspired every day."

Earlier this month, Culpo revealed she landed the top spot of the annual Maxim Hot 100 list which celebrates powerful, head-turning women in pop culture "I’ve always looked at the Maxim Hot 100 with admiration, here have been so many smart and successful women featured who have inspired me and my career in countless ways which makes this cover so meaningful to me. It still doesn’t feel real!”

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