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One of the most famous Australian bikini models Natasha Oakley admits guilty of Photoshopping her pictures

Natasha Oakley admitted that some of her picture-perfect snaps have been digitally enhanced.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the 29-year-old bikini model said: 'Yeah absolutely I still edit photos, it just depends on the images.'

She continued: 'I'm very open and transparent about the fact that all of our campaign images are edited because they go on billboards and they're large images but anything for social media we don't edit.'

Since launching her blog, A Bikini A Day, the Sydney-born model has built a multimillion-dollar empire with her best friend, Devin Brugman.

Natasha also admitted the key to her success was to take it one step at a time, and 'not be greedy'.

The bikini babe blamed the pair's differing lifestyles for their untimely split.

'I do travel a lot and have a very different lifestyle. We had an amazing relationship but these things happen in life,' she said.

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