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Miley Cyrus has candidly revealed she refused to wear a bikini or shorts for two or three years after she was left feeling 'insecure' by trolls following a performance

The singer, 27, said that critics compared her to a 'turkey' after she performed wearing latex underwear at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013.

At the time Miley's image was carefree and unapologetic, so she said her decision to stop wearing scanty clothing made her feel like a 'fraud' to her fanbase.

Miley opened up about her body struggles during a live stream with Demi Lovato called Bright Minded, which aims to bring fans light amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She admitted: 'I basically went through two or three years where I wouldn't wear shorts. I stopped wearing skirts on stage, all this s**t, because after the VMAs and I had on my cute new bodysuit, everyone started comparing me to a turkey.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker added: 'I was like just so skinny and so pasty and they kept putting me next to this turkey, and I was feeling so bad about myself that I did not wear a bikini for like two years.'

Miley confessed that the cruel jibes 'really affected her personal life' following her performance alongside Robin Thicke in latex underwear, after arriving at the event wearing a fuzzy bodysuit.

She said: 'No one thought that that would've ever made me feel some type of way.

Discussing the memes that were created of her next to a Turkey, she added: 'It was just really really hurtful to be so body-shamed like that. And it really affected me in my personal life.'

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek admitted it’s not always easy being in the spotlight

“It’s easy to get spiraled into our phones, the computer screens and read these comments about yourself in the comment sections of photos or articles,” the cover girl told Fox News. “And definitely in the modeling world, it’s heightened. The trolls come through even more. It can be super hard. You could have 900 people telling you that you look incredible, that you’re an inspiration. But you could have two people telling you something negative about your body or personality and that will bother you.”

“I just think that as much as we say sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me — words do hurt,” continued the 27-year-old. “Hurtful words hurt people… [But] people who don’t know you also don’t define you. We already understand what like and what we don’t like about our bodies. We are already hard on ourselves. We don’t need people to try to tell us who we are.”

Kostek insisted that like anyone else, she has her own insecurities. But rather than responding to negative comments, she prefers to use her social media for a good cause, in hopes it will uplift someone who could use some much-needed encouragement.

“I always seek the time to talk to people who are reaching out for help because sometimes you just need that one person to tell you everything is going to be OK,” said Kostek. “And I like to share some of the things that I deal with… to remind people that I hear them too.”

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Martha Kalifatidis said she is too embarrassed to post pictures of her toes

Martha Kalifatidis shot to fame when she appeared on Married at First Sight Australia.

But despite regularly uploading racy pictures on social media, Martha says she can't handle trolls commenting on her feet.

Speaking to News Au, the former reality star said: "I'm embarrassed now to take a photo with my toes in it because I had photos with my feet in it and people just went on and on about it.

"I'm like, 'they're feet man, when would they ever look good?' They're feet."

Opening up about how her large Instagram following has affected her confidence, Martha added: "I feel like me a year ago or two years ago, I did have so much more self-esteem and I was probably a little bit more confident.

"I'd just be in a bikini and I wouldn't care but now I feel like people are going to really try and tear me to shreds."

As a result of the scrutiny she faces from followers, Martha admitted to editing her photos and insisted it's simply part of what makes it "aesthetic".

She said: "I feel like every single image that you see in a magazine or anywhere, any iconic photo you've seen, that you've saved, that you've liked, it's been edited.

"It's just part of making an aesthetic photo. Who wants to see pores in a photo? I don't."

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Vicky Pattison is currently in Bali enjoying a girls' getaway with her mum Caroll

Vicky Pattison, 31, stripped down to a series of skimpy bikinis for sizzling Instagram snaps this week, as she shared an insight into her time at Bliss Sanctuary for Women.

During her stay at the luxury retreat, the former Geordie Shore star took to the photo-sharing site to address trolling in a lengthy post as she insisted: 'Let them judge you'.

Showing off her surgically-enhanced frame, Vicky posed for pouty selfies while soaking up the sun on padded loungers.

The reality star even posed topless for a trio of shots of her taken while bathing in a bath of pink rose petals, as she joked that getting the perfect photograph had 'tested her relationship with her mother.'

Appearing make-up free throughout her time away, the television personality did admit to having a spray tan before flying to Bali.

Next to one bikini snap, Vicky explained how she would delete any negative comments left on her photographs, and block trolls as she implored her followers to be mindful on social media.

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Trolls are accusing Kylie of getting plastic surgery and overediting her photos

Kylie Jenner casually dropped some throwback photos of herself in a bikini with Baby Stormi. And the pics are super cute! And Stormi is adorable! And Kylie looks incredible per usual.

But because Instagram trolls can be the literal worst, Kylie’s dealing with a lot of extremely shame comments about her body.

This is hardly the first time people have the world’s youngest self-made billionaire about her look she’s constantly dealing with people accusing her of photoshopping her pics and getting “too much plastic surgery.” But people seem especially, um, “concerned” about these pics.

Comments on this post are kinda a lot, ranging from “Someone’s got great editing skills, huh?” to “Y’all really stingy with the surgeon’s info” to “No human should be shaped that way” to “With all due respect, your hips just look unnatural, it doesn’t match your body frame.”

If Kylie has had surgery, that is one hundred percent her business, so the internet should probably back TF off. Especially since Kylie is currently in the midst of a breakup with Travis Scott and just trying to chill with her daughter, people.

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Natalya Wright celebrated her 19th birthday this summer with a lavish night out at a private members club with her elder sister Jessica

Natalya Wright looked like she was having the time of her life as she soaked up the sun on her trip to Dubai on Wednesday.

The model, 19, displayed her physique as she posed for a snap in a red bikini with the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel visible behind her.

Natalya's sister, TOWIE star Jess Wright, commented on the snap, writing: 'Divine'.

The model has been living it up during her stay in Dubai and recently partied at Cove Beach while she also enjoyed a meal at the upscale Atmosphere restaurant in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

Natalya's outing comes after her older brother Mark Wright appeared on Jess' Girls No Filter podcast where he discussed his dedication to fitness while speaking out against internet trolls.

The TV presenter revealed: 'I've always been image-conscious, and our industry makes it harder.

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Tammy Hembrow has repeatedly denied undergoing a 'Brazilian butt lift'

Tammy Hembrow showed off her natural curves in a G-string on Monday, in a racy snap.

The 25-year-old showcased her impossibly toned backside while posing at the beach in a very skimpy blue and white bikini.

'Get your mind right', she wrote in the caption.

Tammy's latest selfie comes after trolls accused the Fitness guru of having 'butt implants' earlier this year.

However, the mother-of-two insisted that her body is 'all natural' and that her physique is the result of a strict diet and gruelling exercise routine.

Taking to Instagram in August, the busty blonde opened up about her booty transformation experience.

'Anyone who knows me well knows that I've been up and down with my weight my entire life,' she wrote alongside very risqué before-and-after photos.

Tammy showed off her noticeably flatter posterior in the before shot from 2014, in which she wore a pair of white bikini bottoms.

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Singer Anne-Marie will delete photos and videos of herself from social media if her posts result in abusive messages

The 28-year-old British pop star is really grateful to have so many supportive fans who follow her on Instagram, Twitter and more platforms and the majority of the replies she gets to her posts are positive.

Despite that, the 'Alarm' hitmaker does get hurt by cruel comments especially if the insults are about the way she looks or her body resulting in her deleting the pictures and clips she has put up online.

Opening up on the Heart Breakfast radio show about her troll trauma, she said: "I feel like I'm really lucky in the way that I rarely get bad things, or see bad comments or anything like that. I feel like my followers know that I suffer with anxiety and all that stuff so they're really nice but every now and again you get an odd one and I remove pictures because of it and videos that I post. Like I posted one the other day and I was in my bikini because I was on holiday and I got loads of bad comments. I was, like, I just need to delete it.

"I deleted it because it really affects me, the comments."

Anne-Marie decided to delete her posts and also block followers who send her hateful comments because that is the advice she gives her fans and friends to deal with trolls.

She added: "I try and tell people all the time, just delete it and move on, which I do. I do delete them and I do block people ... but it's because I just felt like I couldn't deal with it at that moment. There can be times where I feel super-confident and I can read loads of bad comments and be like, whatever I look great ... and then sometimes I'm just not feeling great and I'm, like, I'd rather not have to deal with that and just get rid of it. It really depends on how I'm feeling and you're always gonna get someone that says something."

Anne-Marie has suffered from anxiety since the age of 12 and she admits becoming famous through her music made her mental health condition worse.

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Legendary supermodel Paulina Porizkova posted a photo showing her toned figure

Believe it or not, but some folks have been giving legendary supermodels like Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford a hard time for showing off their bikinis on social media.

Fortunately, the age-shaming trolls haven’t stopped fellow catwalker Paulina Porizkova from living her best bikini life or her fans from showering the 54-year-old beauty with praise.

the Czech-born model posted a photo that shows her wearing a lime green bikini, her toned figure on full display as she poses poolside in New Orleans.

Porzkova spent time in the Big Easy to write over the summer, but clearly found time to soak up the sun.

It’s no surprise that Porikzova is still rocking the bikini. After all, as a young model she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue two years in a row, in 1984 and 1985. Dare we say she’s got a shot at 2020?

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Model Sam Schoers has hit back at trolls who criticised her skimpy swimwear on Australian Survivor

The 30-year-old blonde bombshell said that the 'hype' around her two-piece was 'just crazy.' Talking to PerthNow after her elimination, she said: 'Everyone else was wearing bathers but just because I look the way I do people think they can comment.'

She added that she wore her bikini during the show because she didn't want to get her dry clothes wet.

'I didn't have a suitcase of clothing with me the bikini was what I had under my clothes and it was raining, so I wasn't going to get my dry clothes wet,' she said. 'I didn't care what I wore, I just wanted to get the job done.'

The busty babe also told that she was shocked about how much attention her bikini got after she completed a gruelling and muddy challenge in the tiny string two-piece on the show.

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Once a supermodel always a supermodel Chrissy Teigen prove that

Chrissy Teigen is serving up some posing skills with a side of FOMO on her latest vacation.

The cookbook author and TV show host is known for creating delicious meals, sharing pics of her adorable family with husband John Legend and having the best comebacks to internet trolls on social media. But before achieving all of her most recent accolades, she was a swimsuit model. And during a recent family vacation the star pulled out some of her old moves.

Teigen shared a snap of herself modeling a high-cut white-hot one-piece on board a yacht during her Italian getaway captioning the post, “Feels off-brand but going for it.”

A slew of celebrities commented on the photo praising Teigen for her pic.

Teigen made her first appearance in the magazine as a Rookie in 2010 and posed in seven more issues up until 2017 when she modeled less than one year after giving birth to her first child, Luna.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything swimsuit,” she said in 2017. “I haven’t shot since baby. But of course you know that SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day and everyone at Sports Illustrated in general is going to embrace your body no matter what’s happening and embrace the changes.”

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Samantha Hoopes reveals the hate from some fans after her pregnancy news

Samantha Hoopes is back for her sixth Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot but she has plenty of other reasons to celebrate these days.

The 28-year-old model is expecting her first child with fiancé Salvatore Palella. She also bonded with new SI Swimsuit cover girl Camille Kostek and is happily meeting fans both men and women.

Hoopes, along with 31 other pinups, recently headed to Miami for “SI Swimsuit on Location,” a two-day ticketed exhibition that gave fans the opportunity to explore one-of-a-kind installations and photo experiences, among others.

Hoopes spoke to Fox News about the shocking reaction she received from followers after her pregnancy announcement, her relationship with fans and embracing her curves.

“I block all the trolls on social media. I just don’t have time for hate or negativity in my life. If I type something out of anger, I just end up in a text fight and what good is that going to do? I just block and move on. It’s not worth it. You can’t fight fire with fire.

But this time it’s super interesting because I have people going into my DMs saying their goodbyes to me or that they’re leaving me forever because I’m pregnant. This one kid wrote, “Wow, I followed you since I was 15 and now I’m 20. You’re pregnant now and I just wanted to say goodbye.” Alright, goodbye, I don’t need you in my life anyway. But I am getting messages where it sounds like I’m dying or something because I’m pregnant. One wrote “It’s been fun these past five years. Goodbye.” But again, you don’t need those type of people in your life.”

“Pregnancy is so beautiful. You’re creating a baby. You’re creating a life. You’re creating the next generation. We have the capability to do that and I'm just in awe of it all. Yes, I’m getting cellulite that I didn’t have before, but this is a beautiful moment in my life. And my bump has become my biggest accessory. I love showing off my bump in tight clothes because it’s so cute.” She told

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Actress Shalini Pandey gets trolled massively for bikini photoshoot

Shalini Pandey rose to fame with her natural performance in the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, which also starred Vijay Deverakonda. Post Arjun Reddy, she has been busy with a handful of projects in different languages.

The actress has lost oodles of weight for her upcoming films and made it a point to treat her fans with her latest photos. A couple of days ago, she shared a photo of herself in a bikini which went viral on social media.

Now, she shared another photo from the photoshoot and got a overwhelming response from her fans. However, trolls took over and lashed out at her for posting pictures of herself in a bikini.

Sharing the photos, Shalini wrote, "I put a spell on you”

Some of Shalini's fans were dissatisfied with her choice of dressing and questioned her as well.

Shalini Pandey is now shooting for director Hemant Madhurkar's Telugu film Silence. She will also be stepping foot in Kollywood with Jiiva's Gorilla and Vijay Antony-Arun Vijay's Agni Siragugal.

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek says the vicious comments she received after posting these images really hurt her

The model and dancer initially ignored the haters, but eventually she returned to social media to share some of the more vicious comments and reveal just how much they hurt her.

She thought she looked good in the image and we have to agree. But the body-shaming trolls of the internet world did not.

Camille was compared to a giraffe, a hippo, told she needed to hit the gym and find a good doctor. One commenter simply called her gross. Another referred to her as a 'wide load'.

She was accused of being an attention-seeker and told to get over herself when she announced the cruel barbs hurt. But she fought back saying she would not let this kind of bullying bring her down, at least not for long.

“I would never and have never [before] picked up the phone and filmed myself crying, but I’m very happy that I have it because I’m able to look back on it and reflect and see how upset I was that these comments rattled me to the point that I was so hysterical. But I’m also able to look at that and see myself in so much pain, and realise that that was just a small moment in time and by people that I don’t give af about.”

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