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Daniella Chavez exactly knows how to brighten up your day

The risque ensemble allowed the model to show off an ample amount of cleavage. The tiny garment also enabled Daniella to flash a glimpse of underboob. To infuse style and sexiness, she loosely wrapped a pink negligee around her arms, one that featured marabou trim on the edges.

Staying true to form, Daniella opted for a full face of makeup. The application included a beige foundation, a tinge of pink blush, pink lipstick combined with a slick of gloss, and a shimmery nude eyeshadow. She applied a thick coat of mascara and finished off her makeup with defined eyebrows. Finally, the Latina bombshell also painted her perfectly-manicured acrylic nails with transparent polish.

The model loosely tied her pink-dyed hair in pig tails and allowed them to fall freely over her arms. In terms of accessories, she opted for a pair of delicate drop earrings, a ring, and a small stud in her nose.

To strike a pose, Daniella stood straight and tilted her head. She looked straight into the camera, while biting her fingernail.

The hottie wrote a caption in Spanish, and according to a Google translation, she talked about the kind of men she likes and wrote that she neither wants a submissive man nor a devout lover, but someone who is free, cute, and crazy.

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