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Fitness model Sommer Ray showed off her gym-toned physique in a bikini

The 23-year-old was pictured rocking a strappy black bikini with a revealing design. The garment left a generous amount of Sommer’s perky cleavage exposed.

Sommer’s bathing suit bottoms were black too They had a high cut. The top straps were pulled up high on the model’s slim hips. A small sliver of skin was visible between the top and bottom straps.

Sommer’s swimsuit perfectly showcased her washboard stomach, trim waist, and shapely thighs.

Sommer wrote that sunshine is her favorite accessory, but her ensemble included a few other accessories that couldn’t be obscured by clouds.

Sommer was wearing her ombre hair down in its naturally curly state. Its bright blond ends could be seen peeking out from behind her back, and a few thick strands were trailing down the front of her body.

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