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Maria Menounos has kept an incredible figure

The host showed off her toned tummy in a white string bikini while floating in a swimming pool.

'It’s warming up!!!' shared the Extra host. This comes five years after the brunette beauty was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

This comes a month after she hit the Netflix show The Pentaverate which took place at Liaison in Los Angeles.

The TV host wore a skintight neon lime green mini dress that had an off the shoulder look and a very short hem.

The star pulled back her hair to show off her tanned shoulders in the little knot dress.

And she added large diamond earrings for some bling.

Also at the event were Tony Hernandez, Tim Kirby, Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Myers, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, and Lydia West.

The miniseries created by Myers is about a Canadian journalist who tries to uncover the truth about a society of five men who have controlled the world since 1347.

Maria Menounos revealed in July 2017 that she had a mass the size of a golf ball and that she'd undergone surgery to remove it.

In an appearance on Radio, Menounos said she was experiencing symptoms like headaches and blurry vision, but she brushed them aside - particularly because she was channeling all her energy into caring for her mother, who had stage 4 brain cancer.

'I wasn't listening to my body. Any time my body would scream and make noises, I'd be like: "Shut up body, I'm busy",' she told Brian Kilmeade.

'I was getting headaches, my vision was going a little blurry...But I swear God made these things happen loudly so that I would see what was happening.'

Menounos told that she had so many responsibilities that she didn't have time to get herself checked out.

'I was doing a million things...and then on top of it, I'm a female so my hair has to be perfect, and my nails have to be perfect, and I have to send the flowers, and I got to plan the vacations and I got to do everything as all women who are listening to this know,' she said.

Menounos said she went to a doctor at UCLA Medical Center in February 2017 and told him that, because she was experiencing ear pain, she thought she had an ear infection.

Not convinced, he asked her if she had any other symptoms.

'As I listed the symptoms, I said: "Oh my God, I think I have a brain tumor like my mom, but I know you are going to think I'm crazy",' she said.

'And he goes: "No, let's get an MRI and get it checked." And then, lo and behold, I had it.'

Menounos, a former host, was diagnosed with meningioma, which is a tumor of the meninges, which is the tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

However, it is classified as a brain tumor because it puts pressure on cranial nerves. The tumor generally forms in the head and about 85 percent of cases are benign.

Because the tumors are slow-growing, a patient can live with a meningioma for years before it's spotted.

Symptoms typically include blurry vision, painful headaches, loss of hearing, memory loss, and loss of smell.

If the tumor is asymptomatic, doctors may recommend regular monitoring with brain scans.

However, if the tumor is growing or symptoms begin to develop, patients may require surgery to remove all, or most, of the mass.

If the tumor is cancerous, radiation may be used to kill cancer cells or on parts of the mass, the surgeon was unable to remove.

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