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Selena Gomez Helps keep the summer spirit alive

Selena Gomez went viral When she posted a photo of herself showing off her kidney scar in Selena’s trademark one-piece.

Gomez’s girlfriend and former assistant Teresa Mingus talked About this photoshoot earlier this month. Seeing Gomez feel so powerful in one piece from Lamariette, Mingus said, “Oh, it felt good.” “It’s funny because I actually took the picture. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. And that was the first picture I took of her. She took 10, and that was the first picture. She was like, ‘That’s it.’ “

Mingus continued, “She was like, ‘I want to talk about my scar. I want it to be normal. I want it to be organic.” And that was the suit she wanted to wear. We’ve been ready for it all day, and then she whispered to me, ‘Hey, I think next, we should go home and do a little photo shoot.’ And I said, ‘Okay, fine with me.’ She is very supportive.”

Mingus told that the trip Gomez and Mingus took together to Newport Beach inspired a “day trip” photo of the bikini Gomez wears in the new shot. [Selena and I] We were shopping for antiques and found all these cute suits. She was like, “You need to wear a suit like this or a pattern like this.” And then we had a really nice day on a boat. It was so much fun, but that was always in the back of my mind. I don’t want to do that [then]; The timing wasn’t right. I knew it would be a good thing if we did it the right way.”

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