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Celebrities secrets to their diet tips and other tricks

Whether they’re gearing up for a role or getting fit for a bikini shoot, they gave us all their surprising answers. From celery juice to apple cider vinegar.

Swimsuit Secrets: “No carbs, and I try no sugar, and it works wonders,” Olivia Culpo told Us Magazine about her diet leading up to her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot. “I just drink a lot of water, and then tequila there’s not a lot of carbs in that!”

Olympic Swaps: Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson incorporates easy cooking swaps into her daily routine: “I always do cauliflower pizza crust. I do spaghetti squash for pasta. For cookies, we use avocado or cacao nibs. I do chicken tenders, but I coat them in almond flour, which is really yummy. We make banana ice cream with frozen bananas and almond milk.”

Role Restrictions: To get into his ripped shape for his boxing role in Creed II, Michael B. Jordan told: “Honestly, it’s pretty routine. You have brown rice, chicken, broccoli, a lot of water and you just workout consistently.” But he also allowed himself a cheat day here and there. “We shot in Philly, so a Philly cheesesteak was my go-to cheat meal.”

Eat and Drink Your Greens: “I’m doing the celery juice thing. 16 ounces, fresh celery. I do it in the morning,” Kate Walsh revealed. “I mean, I should have stock in celery and I realize not everyone can do this, but I swear, it’s changed my skin.”

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