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Arielle Charnas is receiving backlash after sharing a postpartum body photo

Arielle Charnas share a picture of herself in a bikini where she wrote, “Proud of my body after two kids.” And although she may have been sharing the sentiment to inspire other mothers to embrace their post-baby bodies, many are calling the 32-year-old out for coming off as “tone-deaf.”

a follower wrote: “Your followers are living in the real world, where most don’t have access to the foods you do, and certainly not the personal trainers that you do. Genetics plays a huge role as well, so this pic should come with a Disclaimer”.

“Pictures such as these of a subnormal too thin small-framed small-boned woman, who is probably a slave to her body are a danger to the real women other there who enjoy food, who aren’t as genetically ‘blessed’ and are at their healthy normal, meat on their bones, curvy best!”

Still, Charnas, who has documented her fitness journey after having both her 3 and 1-year-old daughters, received support from those who have followed her recovery after having a C-section with her youngest.

Many others also praised the mother-of-two, assuring that all moms should be proud of what their bodies can do.

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