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Australian model Natalie Roser shows off her fit body

She was photographed at a sandy beach, though the background what blurry and focused in on her Roser. In both instances, she was captured from the right. In the first, she tilted her head back and pulled her top off her shoulders, teasing a bit of her chest. The second captured her looking intently at a point in the distance.

Roser had the lower half of a two-piece bathing suit. It was light green with a delicate white print and featured thin sides that she wore high, baring her hips. She didn’t edit out the stretch marks on her thighs, embracing her natural beauty.

On her upper body, she sported a nude loose top tied in front the front. The soft fabric allowed the viewer to see that she was braless under the garment.

Roser had her blond locks brushed back and styled down soft strands that hung down her back.

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