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Brazilian Model Natalia Garibotto sported a barely there swimsuit that bared her voluptuous curves

Garibotto stood in front of a swimming pool in a patio that overlooked a snowy mountain.

In the first photo, she was captured at a three quarter-angle from the left side. Garibotto made a playful scrunchy face while sticking her tongue out.

She was wearing a white crochet two-piece bathing suit that contrasted with her tan complexion. The bikini top featured itty-bitty triangles that left plenty of her ample chest on display, including some underboob. Thin strings tied behind her neck and back.

Garibotto was wearing a pair of black sweatpants, though she lowered them enough to show her bikini bottoms. They matched the upper half of her suit and included thin sides that she pulled up high.

Garibotto also wore a black puffer jacket, though she kept it completely unzipped on the front to showcase her swimsuit.

She completed her look with a light gray beanie. Her blond highlighted hair tumbled onto her back from underneath it. She pulled the right part over her shoulder, allowing it to rest on her chest.

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