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British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley looking flawless in a revealing two-piece bikini 

The 55-year-old celebrity defied her age in a skimpy string number that perfectly showcased her phenomenal figure. The bathing suit comprised of a halterneck top with a plummeting neckline and low-rise bottoms that flaunted Elizabeth’s trim physique. The look left plenty of cleavage on show.

The bikini was a gorgeous coral color that look flattering against her skin tone, accentuating her glowing tan and flattering her honeyed locks.

The swimsuit was incredible high-cut, showing off Elizabeth’s slender thighs. Meanwhile, its low-dipping waistline left her firm tummy fully exposed, drawing attention to the star’s lean silhouette. The bottoms’ small, triangular front mirrored the design of the slightly ruched cups, which, in turn, spotlighted her perky chest, teasing a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob.

Elizabeth put on a tantalizing display while posing inside what looked like a beach hut. She was standing next to a netted curtain, which had been pulled aside to let the sunshine in, giving off sultry vibes as she fixed the camera with an intense, seductive gaze. She raised one arm, resting her hand on her tilted head and displaying the chic aviator sunglasses clutched between her fingers.

The stunner wore her tresses down around her shoulders, and she sported a skin-toned polish on her fingernails. A dainty bracelet sparkled on her wrist, harmonizing with her outfit.

The photo captured her from the thigh up, keeping the focus on her sculpted core. Sunshine illuminated her toned body and beautiful face, setting her supple skin and luscious hair aglow. The background further emphasized her radiant look, and included stone walls that were partly engulfed in shade and a white sofa-bed decorated with matching throw pillows. One of them sported a coral embroidery that complimented Elizabeth’s bikini. A small wood-frame mirror hung on the wall behind her, its reflection showing a glimpse of the water and a sailing vessel.

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