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Cheryl Ladd has revealed why she wore the “tiniest” bikini she could find on Charlie’s Angels

In a new interview, Ladd, who played Kris Monroe on the series from 1977 to 1981, revealed that she became so fed up with the show’s “jiggle TV” reputation that she had “a long talk” with her boss about the excessive bikini scenes for her and her co-stars, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.

Ladd explained that she was “someone’s mother.” Her daughter, Jordan, was a toddler at the time, and that she felt it was “really not necessary” for the co-stars to wear revealing outfits all the time.

Spelling agreed with her, but when he tried to put Ladd in yet another bikini a few episodes later, she came up with an ingenious idea. For the 1978 episode, titled “Angel on High,” she showed up on the set in an impossibly small swimsuit.

“I got the tiniest one I could find that was shocking. And the director said, ‘Surely you can’t wear that.’ I said, ‘Aaron wants me in a bikini. This is the one I’m wearing. I’ll take all responsibility for it.'” She told.

Members of ABC’s standards and practices department were indeed incensed by the eye-popping suit, and editing and close-ups were used to avoid showing too much of Ladd’s body onscreen. The actress said Spelling finally told her that he “got the message” and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Despite the rebellious move that she was forced to make, Ladd said Charlie’s Angels was “empowering” for women because it featured three smart ladies who weren’t trying to be men but still got the job done.

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