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Egypt’s Tourism chamberr has reportedly warned resorts and hotels against banning Hijabi women who wear burkinis from swimming at their premises

An official quoted by local news website Masrawy said women in headscarves who choose to wear the swimwear should be permitted as long as the suit is made of water-friendly material to avoid health problems.

The statement specifically addressed hotels and resorts that prohibit Hijabi women from swimming in the burkini as alleged by complaints by guests.

The complaints were reportedly received through online platforms for the Egyptian Cabinet and its hotlines, Head of Hotels and Hospitality Authority Abdel Fatah El Assy told Masrawy.

Assi affirmed that this statement is known to be released on a regular basis during the summer to secure guests’ rights in enjoying their stay.

Although similar official statements have been made since 2017, some hotels and resorts still insist on banning women with headscarves from using swimming pools while wearing the consvertaive swimwear.

The hotels argue that they are private entities that have the right to have their own set of regulations.

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