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Elle Fanning stole her older sister Dakota Fanning bikini, for vacations

Over the weekend, the 21-year-old actress showed off the strapless bikini in numerous photos, triumphantly revealing that she had swiped it from under her sister’s nose.

“The pictures you take and the pose you make when you know you stole your sister’s bathing suit and got away with it! MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH,” Elle wrote on Instagram.

Noting that what goes around comes around, Dakota went on to share that she wasn’t bothered by her sister’s swimsuit heist, as she had already returned the favor.

“It’s fine. I have 3 with me and they are all yours,” the 25-year-old actress quipped in the comments section, adding a sassy emoji.

Stolen clothing aside, the two sisters have nothing but love for each other.

“My sister, Elle, and I are really close,” Dakota shared in the cover story for the July/August issue of Shape. “We always have been. We’re very different, but we’re very connected. We don’t talk every day, but we don’t have to. We just have that special bond.”

“There’s no one I want to succeed more in this business than my sister, and I know she wants the same for me,” she added.

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