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Eva Longoria has been soaking up the summer sun

The actress and producer, 47, shared a shot of herself blissfully sunbathing while wearing a yellow two-piece. The native Texan has her eyes closed as she reclines on a sun lounger facing a swimming pool.

"A little sol never hurt anybody," the star, who played Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, captioned the stunning shot.

Speaking in an interview in March, the mom of one explained why exercising on a mini-trampoline helps both her physique and her mental health.

"It's one of the exercises that you have to be present for because you're learning and the routine's changing and you've gotta add onto it," Eva Longoria explained. "And so it's like building blocks: 'We're gonna jump now, we're gonna do jumping jacks, now we're gonna do jumping jack scissors ... and you keep adding and adding and adding, so you have to remember. It really is an exercise for your mind, and it's an exercise where you have to be present. I used to be a runner and I would just zone out when I would run. With this, you can't really do that; you have to stay present and in the moment. That's a good exercise for your mind."

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