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Kate Upton is saying goodbye to winter

The 27-year-old supermodel took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a series of photos of herself soaking up some sun while on a yacht.

Upton who is all smiles in the pics is seen rocking a bright orange two-piece paired with a visor, oversized sunglasses and hoop earrings. The star also had a drink in hand.

Last month, Upton opened up to her social media followers about not letting societal pressures of losing baby weight get in her way of feeling confident in her skin.

"I want to take a minute to clarify the context of feeling pressures as a new mother and breastfeeding in the Editorial list article. When asked about getting back in shape after pregnancy I discussed the major pressures that are out there for new moms to 'snap back' right after having a baby," she wrote on Jan. 22, referencing an interview she gave to Editorialist a little over a year after she welcomed her daughter, Genevieve.

Upton continued: "Every woman experiences this due to the unnecessary and unrealistic expectations that are brought into every household, mostly via social media. I certainly felt these pressures, as all women do."

The Sports Illustrated alum went on to say that she even placed expectations on herself, which led to overexerting her body and focusing on the wrong things.

"I tried to push myself early to get back to the gym, eat perfectly and try to achieve this alleged 'snap back,'" she explained. "But, after realizing how ridiculous these pressures are I quickly gave myself some slack and lived in the moment as a new mother."

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