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Kim Kardashian shows off her assets

In one of Kim Kardashian latest social media posts, the reality star rocks a tiny bathing suit while on a tropical beach. "Paradise, she captioned the set of Instagram snaps shared with her 364 million followers. Aside from staying in great physical shape, the mother-of-three knows a thing or two about happiness and success.

"I've never been an unhappy person," Kim told Jay Shetty on his On Purpose podcast recently. "I'm always really happy with my surroundings. I don't need people to make me happy. I'm not really ever searching for something. I'm really content. My babies make me happy, my family, my life. You know, experiences make me happy."

"But when you just look around and when there's like tension and stress, that is just not necessary from work, from relationships, from friends, and you just decide to be still and not try to please everyone, it becomes just really clear and you realize that you just wanna be happy and you wanna share this life and these experiences with your group of people that you trust and you love, and who are super loyal," she told Shetty."Like, life is always gonna be stressful and you can't control half of it. But if you can control what you put out and how you react to all of life's stresses and your response to all of that, and realizing that you could eliminate a lot of those stresses with making yourself happy first and choosing yourself, then you know you're on the right path."

Kim is really good at self-love. "Be comfortable in your own skin. This comes with age, but it really is so important to love yourself before anything else," she told Elle.

"I've been a huge fan of CBD ever since I started feeling overwhelmed, which came with starting law school and having a fourth baby. It was a combination of feeling like I'm not going to have time for myself and thinking this is going to be too overwhelming and not really believing in myself that I can do it or surrounding myself with the people who can help. Whether that's knowing that my kids are taken care of when I'm studying—when you're a mom, you're always worried about your kids—or making sure I have time for my husband and everyone else who's important to me," Kim told Poosh. "I started taking CBD, and it really changed things for me. It calms me down automatically. Once the baby came and school started, I realized I can handle this and it's not as bad as I thought. I think you have to take it situation by situation and really make sure that you don't overwhelm yourself and remember to do things for yourself."

"There are times when I feel unmotivated. But honestly, I'm kind of the opposite … I like to be on my toes. I like a challenge, and I find myself to be extremely mentally strong, but this year I was definitely tested, maybe the most I've ever been, taking on all of these responsibilities. Coming out on the other side though, and knowing I can do it, is always an amazing feeling," she added to Poosh.

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