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Kindly Myers went back to her Army roots while clad in a skimpy camo bikini

The model and ex-soldier posed outside at the beach. The background of the shot was partially blurred, but a few large rocks and a sliver of water could be made out. The model stood in profile and looked off into the distance with her lips slightly parted. She placed one arm near her side and bent the other at her elbow while she ran her fingers through her long tresses.

The former Army member sizzled in a tiny string bikini. The garment boasted a camo print and a halter-neck top that tied around her neck. Its small cups were triangular and didn’t do an excellent job of covering up. The skimpy top showcased cleavage on the bottom, middle, and sides of her chest. The thin string on its bottoms was worn tight around her ribs, and it looked like it pushed her chest up even further.

Kindly’s bottoms were just as hot and possessed the same camo print as her top. Its string sides tied around her hips, and the high cut flaunted her muscular legs. The front was pulled down a few inches below her navel and showed off her taut tummy. She decorated her trim abs with a silver piercing. She added small stud earrings and a cross necklace to her ensemble.

Kindly pulled her hair back out of her face and secured it in a high ponytail. A few pieces of hair waved in the wind and indicated that it was a breezy day. The model’s beachside look still called for a bit of glam. It looked like Kindly lined her brows with a few coats of makeup that were shades darker than her hair. The babe extended her lashes with a few coats of mascara and wore blush on her cheekbones.

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