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Lingerie model Sofia Jamora says she spends about 200 days a year in a bikini

Lingerie model Sofia Jamora shows off her new bikini.

Sofia Jamora new photos were viewed more than 300,000 times in the first hour after it was posted, seemingly proving that her fans love her photos.

Jamora revealed that she likely spends about 200 days out of the year in a bikini, and that she won’t leave home for a beach outing without her essentials, such as tanning oil, a speaker to listen to her favorite tunes, and her dog, Sampson, to keep her company.

The model also revealed exactly how she was discovered.

“I was at a trunk show and a person from a swimwear company came up to me and asked me if I’ve ever modeled before and if I’d like too. From there we set a photo shoot and that opened up a whole bunch of opportunities for me,” Jamora stated.

Sofia also opened up about what she does when she’s not modeling lingerie and bikinis, confessing that she loves to travel and veg out in front of the TV with her pup.

“On my time off I travel, I love going to new places and taking photos of what I see that’s different from LA and the U.S. In general, if I’m not traveling I’m perfectly happy cuddling up with my dog watching Netflix eating take out,” Sofia Jamora admitted.

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