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Loly Antoniale is relaxing on a beautiful beach

Argentinian model Loly Antoniale is relaxing on a beautiful beach. Antoniale, 35, shared a picture of herself wearing a lilac swimsuit as she stretched out on the sand, with the sea and blue skies behind her. "Ocean Girl," she captioned the post.

Antoniale's typical breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, yogurt, and fresh fruit. "Yogurt has been linked to healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels," says the Cleveland Clinic. "And some research shows that eating yogurt as part of a healthy diet can help prevent long-term weight gain, which is good for the heart."

Antoniale says she moved to Miami from Córdoba for the sake of her peace of mind. "I live in Miami, but I come and go all the time," she says. "If you ask me which is my home, I answer without hesitation that it is Córdoba. That is the reality, what my heart tells me. But yes: I spend some time abroad and another time here. Only that I come and nobody finds out."

Antoniale loves walking her beloved pup, especially at the beach. "Walking releases natural pain­killing endorphins to the body – one of the emotional benefits of exercise," says the Arthritis Foundation. "A California State University, Long Beach, study showed that the more steps people took during the day, the better their moods were."

Antoniale takes time and effort to look after her plants, which research shows is beneficial for both physical and mental health. "Plants can remove pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (from nearby traffic), fine particles (from dust) and volatile organic compounds (from air fresheners, cooking and cleaning)," says Dr. Lauriane Suyin Chalmin-Pui. "For people indoors for the majority of the day, indoor air quality is hugely important."

Antoniale refuses to allow commentary on her figure to affect her self esteem. "It's my life and I do what I want," she says. "I don't diet… it's just training a little. People are irritated by everything! It's not my problem. And when I weigh 2 kg [4.4 lbs] more, I'm [too] fat for people!"

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