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Maxim model Natalie Roser talked about her favorite workout

Aussie Maxim model Natalie Roser who is popular on social media for her sultry swimsuit pics mesmerized her one million fans by posting a risqué snap.

In the pic, the model was featured wearing a very tiny white bikini which could barely hide her body. As a result, it allowed the model to put plenty of skin on display to send temperatures soaring.

Within a few hours of having been posted, and as of the writing of this piece, the picture in question amassed more than 8,800 likes and 135 comments wherein fans and followers praised the model for her sense of style and her sexy body.

According to an article by Women’s Health, the model talked about her favorite workout and said that she likes to perform high-intensity circuit training to stay fit.

“I like something that uses certain movements once so you don’t have to go back and repeat it. Other than pilates, I love reformer pilates. I love a good sweat. Can that be my favourite? A sweaty workout, haha.”

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